Change UK’s Luciana Berger promoted libel against Jewish activist

On Saturday at a march and rally for Palestinian solidarity in London Glyn Secker criticised the ambivalence of some political organisations toward the far-right.

Jewish leaders here also turn a blind eye to the extreme right, even when their own Zionist Federation embraces the English Defence League, a Neo-fascist group banned by Face Book.  What on earth are these Jews doing in the gutter with these rats?

Secker’s comments were a reasonable assessment of bad political positioning by some self-appointed leaders.

Lee Harpin, a journalist at a newspaper edited by Stephen Pollard, took some of the words spoken by Secker and put his own interpretation on them.

Just heard Glyn Secker – a ⁦Labour⁩ and ⁦Jewish Voice of Labour⁩ member – tell demo that ‘Jews are in the gutter’ and Jews ‘are the problem.’  He was loudly cheered.  Disgusting.”

Harpin’s gross manipulation of Secker’s comments was deliberate libel and deliberate misrepresentation and was designed to attack solidarity for the Palestinian people and to attack a supporter of Labour.  

Lee Harpin

Harpin’s behaviour sought to distract people from the valid point Secker made.  The ambivalent attitude of some organisations toward the extreme-right is disastrous for Jewish people.  The extreme-right is intrinsically and vehemently antisemitic in both words and actions, often violent actions.  Harpin’s dismissal of Secker’s concerns revealed a worrying lack of interest by the former in the consequences of antisemitism.

Change UK democracy thief Luciana Berger gave her support to Harpin’s dual strategy of libel and misdirection.LucianaBerger1

Harpin is relatively unknown as a journalist but Berger has attained some infamy due to many media appearances after her departure from Labour and the creation of Change UK.  Thus, a greater volume of people noticed her purposeful promotion of Harpin’s warped manipulation of Secker’s comments than saw Harpin’s tweet.  When challenged, she refused to acknowledge Harpin’s deception and chose to use Stephen Pollard as an arbiter of truth.

For opponents of socialism the prime focus is to attack Labour while Jeremy Corbyn is its leader.  Nothing else matters to them and their is no limit to how low their tactics are.

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Change UK’s Luciana Berger promoted libel against Jewish activist

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