Documentary on Universal Credit: A test of the BBC’s cowardice and complicity

Universal Credit was designed to cause destitution, debt, homelessness and death as part of the Tories’ Social Murder policy that has caused the greatest problems for people with disabilities or chronic illnesses.

Exposure on TV, radio and newspapers of the (deliberate) effects of Universal credit on people’s lives is less (voluminously and vehemently) than it should be.  Clearly, it is not in the political interests of many of the newspapers and broadcasters to be critical of the Tories.  However, bias of media outlets is not the only obstacle; cowardice informs a lack of challenge to the Tories’ PR machine.

Weakness of character is rampant among executives, producers and presenters/interviewers at BBC news.  They fear criticism from the Tories.  That fear alone is sufficient to dissuade programme makers from thorough investigation and reporting of the details and consequences of Tory policy.

Destruction of the NHS, huge increase in homelessness and people starving to death are issues that receive less coverage on BBC than is appropriate and when they are mentioned then the discussion is in a passive voice non-contextual style that greatly diminishes the government’s guilt.  Cowardice is the key driving force of this evasion of deduction.

Today (14th May) Aditya Chakrabortty revealed details in the Guardian of an internal DWP memo sent to senior staff in the department that included a variety of scams and schemes to misrepresent the progress of Universal Credit.  One of the schemes is intended to be an in-house promotional video, extolling an entirely false, misleading and fraudulent presentation of activities in job centres, that has been commissioned by the BBC as a (faux) documentary. 

DWP’s Director General of Universal Credit Neil Couling said of the video: “This is a fantastic opportunity for us [DWP] – we’ve been involved in the process from the outset, and we continue working closely with the BBC to ensure a balanced and insightful piece of television.” 

Neil Couling

Chakrabortty reported that any interviews with DWP staff by the BBC for the programme will be viewed by DWP managers before being allowed for broadcast.

Fraudulent propaganda by DWP of its contribution to Social Murder is unsurprising.  Given that the UN condemned Universal Credit in Philip Aston’s report and that the Tory response to the report was contemptuous and dismissive, it is consistent for the DWP to concoct an intentionally false depiction of how Universal Credit operates.  But, complicity with the scam by the BBC would be extreme cowardice and would condemn the BBC without reservation.

How cowardly will the BBC be?

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Documentary on Universal Credit: A test of the BBC’s cowardice and complicity

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