Independent MP Ian Austin

Ian Austin’s presence in the House of Commons is an indictment of the lack of democracy in Britain.  In February 2019 he resigned as a member of the Labour Party and became an “independent” MP but, following the example set by democracy thieves in secretly funded Change UK, he did not call a by-election for his constituency of Dudley North.  He is stealing a seat in parliament from voters in Dudley who voted Labour. 

Austin opposed Corbyn’s leadership as soon as the latter was elected in September 2015.  If he did not want to support Corbyn’s politics then the correct action Austin should have taken would have been to stand down before the 2017 election.  Such a decision would have required integrity and honesty, qualities that are absent from his personality.  He did not want to forego his parliamentary salary and expenses. 

For the voters in Dudley and for Labour supporters throughout Britain Austin’s access to a parliamentary vote in the House of Commons, a vote stolen from Labour, is defecation on their right to democracy.  If there is a vote of no confidence in the Tory government votes of characters like Austin could keep the Tories in power.  Labour voters in Dudley voted Labour in 2017 general election to support Jeremy Corbyn’s shift in Labour’s perspective from soft conservatism toward socialism; they did not vote for a thief to protect the Tory government with a stolen vote.  (Austin gave his support to the Tories when he voted for the government’s hapless Withdrawal Deal in January, before leaving Labour.)

Last year (2018) Austin tried to engineer his expulsion from Labour by following an abusive tirade against Labour MP Ian Lavery with an hilarious letter from legal firm Hamlins that complained about the party’s decision to investigate Austin for his behaviour toward Lavery.  (Austin couldn’t afford Mishcon de Reya, Margaret Hodge’s favourite creator of gibberish and intimidation.)  Labour’s sound professional response was to issue Austin with a dismissive reprimand and then to ignore him.

Austin is a favourite of TV producers of news and current affairs shows because he is always willing to spout utter tripe directed at Corbyn, McDonnell and the shadow cabinet.  Yesterday – May 16th (2019) – he was given a platform on Andrew Neil’s light entertainment nonsense This Week on BBC2 whereat he delivered a libel-ridden garbled attack against Corbyn bereft of facts, logic and cohesion.  Austin’s performance damned himself as a politician and damned This Week as a serious current affairs analysis show; it was the antithesis of intelligence and emotional maturity.

As an MP, Austin has access to the Palace of Westminster as a venue for political events organised by him.  On June 11th (2019) he will host members of Israel Defence Force in Westminster where they will regurgitate propaganda designed to grossly misrepresent the actions of their military colleagues and the actions and intent of Palestinian people in Gaza.  As an indicator of how despicably and inhumanely biased the event will be co-organsier (and former Labour MP) Michael McCann promoted it by claiming

If you study any debate in the House of Commons that reacts to violence between Israel and the Palestinians it becomes apparent that some MPs seek to draw moral equivalence between the IDF and the terrorists.  There is no equivalence.  I can think of no other conflict on the planet where elected politicians are so unwilling to criticise terrorists.”  (quoted in IDF visit Westminster)

That is, the presentation will be diametrically opposed to the truth and will revel in slaughter of civilians.  Austin’s stolen seat in parliament allows such an event to occur.

Independent MP Ian Austin

Electoral success of Blair-led Labour encouraged a factory to be built for the creation of Blair clones: Vacuous, duplicitous, dim-witted and obedient technocrats whose political role is to occupy opposition to the Tories without actually being opposed to Tory policy.  Progress think-tank was invented as an organisational platform and PR tool to assist the stiflers of opposition. 

But, Corbyn’s fortitude and the continuing popularity of his and his colleague’s policy proposals made Progress and its members desperate.  The desperation manifested itself with increasingly warped polemics from Progress members Austin, Hodge, Gapes, Streeting, etc. and with robbery of parliamentary seats from Labour (and votes from Labour voters) by Austin, fellow independent MP John Woodcock and the laughable Change UK mob.  (Austin chose not to join Change UK because his constituency has a majority of people who voted to leave the EU contrary to policy of Change UK.)

All extreme ideologies are intrinsically at war with deductive reasoning and logic and, thus, require erasure of many cognitive abilities in their exponents; afterward, an ideologue’s remaining cerebral husk is limited and incapable of considered argument or even simple logical conclusions.  Extreme centrism is defined by a symbiosis of deception and obfuscation.  It pretends to be something it isn’t – opposition to conservatism – while obscuring real opposition.  As a centrist technocrat Austin has to eradicate any deductive or analytical capabilities in order to approximate utterances to a form of spurious consistency.  Hence, his behaviour and rhetoric is bizarre and obstructive to debate.

Austin is a clown.  He is embarrassment for British democracy.  Discrepancies in the structure and rules of parliament allow him to hang around like a persistent stink.  He is popular among broadcasters because they prefer dumb entertainment to information.  There is nothing positive for humanity about him.  He is an awful person. 

Independent MP Ian Austin

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