Australian federal election: Without a genuine alternative to conservatism, Trumpism wins

Trumpist, Murdoch-backed Liberal Party led by Scott Morrison retained power in Australia today.  By ‘liberal’ the party means the right to defecate over everyone and enact an anti-human ideology.

Scott Morrison and Donald Trump

The reason for Morrison’s success was the abject lack of any alternative.  The main party of opposition, Labor Party led by Bill Shorten, typified drab centrist non-politics that are being rejected in every democratic country.  Australia’s Labor Party had no cohesive plan and no consistent policies other than saying that they were not the Liberal Party.  Every Australian has to vote and, for those who couldn’t decide, and who would normally not vote, the only option was to vote for the party in power given that the main opposition party had nothing.

Centrism is the death of opposition to conservatism and it was designed to be so.  It is simultaneously the death of and the killer of opposition.  Trump’s election in USA in 2016 was a consequence of Hilary Clinton’s campaign’s vacuity and his potential re-election in 2020 is possible due to an array of inconsistent Democratic Party candidates all of whom are too scared to be an alternative.  In Britain, Tories won in 2015 general election because Ed Miliband failed to define his political position robustly enough. 

UK’s Labour Party changed since 2015 and does offer an alternative.  Centrists, in Labour via Progress, in Liberal Democrats and in Change UK, know that Labour offers a genuine alternative to vicious extreme free-marketeer conservatism and that is why they attack Labour constantly.  Like Clinton and Shorten, the woolly centrists in Britain have no capacity to challenge the Tories’ destruction of society, they have no desire nor will to develop a challenge and they will do everything they can to disrupt a challenge.

Centrist is in its death throes, slumped on the floor quivering and panting for breath.  It needs to be stamped on and eradicated.  The only way to defeat extreme exploitative conservatism is with socialism.

Australian federal election: Without a genuine alternative to conservatism, Trumpism wins

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