Farage, (milk)shook up, demanded violence from his hired thugs

The recent trend of extreme-right candidates for the European elections getting a milkshake shower continued today with a creaming of The Brexit Party’s Nigel Farage in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.  A strike from distance showered his suit.

Farage’s comment immediately after impact, directed at his gang of thugs who accompany him whenever he is in a public place, was to state that security had been

a failure.” 

That comment expressed Farage’s view that one or more of his goons should have acted before the milkshake had been propelled.  Such an assessment by Farage was deeply disturbing: He wants his thugs to violently attack anyone they might suspect of possibly about to hurl an object at Farage. 

Farage was in a public place, a street in a city centre.  When he walks along a public street he should not be allowed to be surrounded by hired thugs who have no visible personal identification and no words or emblems on their clothing to indicate that they are security staff.  But, Farage believes that his thugs should pounce on any random person on a public street if they feel like it.

Farage’s fellow far-right extremist (and European election candidate) Stephen Yaxley-Lennon encountered similar incidents while campaigning and Yaxley-Lennon’s hired thugs beat up several people, in separate locations, while police officers looked the other way.  That is what Farage would like to happen to people who oppose him.

Farage wants to march down streets freely proclaiming offensive dishonest tripe and he wants anyone who gives him a funny look to be given several slaps.

Farage (centre, splattered) and some of his thugs
Farage, (milk)shook up, demanded violence from his hired thugs

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