Nigel Farage is embodiment of political manure

Immediately after being shook up by a caramel milkshake on Monday (20th May 2019) Farage complained to his security staff.  He wanted preemptive strikes against potential hurlers of soft drinks.

The day after, complicit broadcasters and journalists lined up excitedly to give Farage airtime where he expressed his feigdignation and he vomited hypocrisy. 
(Quotes below taken from New European report.)

I just think we’ve reached a point where normal campaigning is becoming very difficult, and that in a democratic society cannot be a good thing.”

Farage never campaigns “normally.”  In the EU election campaign,

  • He is always surrounded by his hired goons. 
  • He banned Channel 4 from Brexit Party events because of a programme about the party’s dubious funding mechanism. 
  • He and his party refused to state any policy intent (other than supporting brexit). 
  • He lied frequently regarding his previous statements on how brexit should proceed. 
  • He refused to answer any questions about Brexit Party funding and dodged queries about inconsistencies between his comments and facts related to funding.

None of the above was “normal” campaign behaviour in a democracy.

Farage at the Ritz Hotel with foreign contacts fundraising for the EU elections 

When asked if he was scared Farage claimed

It takes a lot to frighten me.”

But, at an event in Wakefield later on the same day as the (milk)shake-up he refused to get off his bus. 

If he isn’t frightened why does he surround himself with professional thugs?  Why were Channel 4 reporters banned?  Why did he refuse to answer direct questions about Brexit Party funding? 

Farage’s demeanour is constant fear.

  • Fear of criminal prosecution for severe electoral rule-breaking
  • Fear of the tax man
  • Fear of source of income disappearing at the drop of Steve Bannon’s hat
  • Fear of milkshakes
  • Fear of foreign languages
  • Fear of foreigners

He is awash with fear.

Farage pretended to blame establishment remainers for the milkshake attack.

Ever since 24 June 2016 [EU referendum] we’ve had senior members of the British establishment literally refusing to accept the result.  And that gives people on the other side of the argument [remainers] a sense of moral superiority.  If you think you’re better than everybody else that then leads, I’m afraid, to a breakdown, not just in democracy, but in the civilisation that goes with it.”

The word salad above appeared to be comically absurd but Farage was simply using the airtime handed to him to denigrate remainers. 

There is nothing “civilised” about Farage.  As a hate-riddled sociopath he is a useful tool for extremist corporate vultures who seek to destroy public services, workers’ rights, health and safety regulations and the whole of civilised society.  Farage is permanently outside of “civilisation.”

Farage’s political career is based on hatred.  His hatred drives and guides him; the key tactic of his propaganda is the promotion of hatred.  But,

I am concerned about the sheer level of hatred coming from those who think they’re better than me.”

Hatred” for his politics and for his behaviour is very tangible hatred.  Almost everybody is “better than” Farage.

Referring to remain criticism of and opposition to Brexit he said 

I think we’re in a very bad place with this.”

Farage abhors political criticism, debate, discussion, analysis, facts, accountability, justification, electoral rules, expenses regulations, transparency, honesty, integrity, consistency and democracy.  His campaign for the Brexit Party is secretly funded, secretly supported by overseas actors, hollow and bereft of substance, contradictory and imbued with persuasion of bigotry, xenophobia and prejudice.  It is filth. 

Farage is a racist and a sociopath.  He hates and he is hated.  He views law as optional and easy to dodge.  He is a relentless liar.  In a just society he would have been incarcerated a long time ago and left to rot.

feigndignation n. Fake indignation, used to alter the direction of an argument (c. David Whittam)

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Nigel Farage is embodiment of political manure

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