DWP’s contempt for its victims and for the UN

Today, Philip Alston, United Nations Special Rapporteur for Extreme Poverty and Human Rights, published his report on the devastating and fatal effects of Tory policy of Social Murder including the imposition of Universal Credit.

Philip Alston

Full report here: Report of the Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights

Alex Tiffin has written a good analysis of the report on his Universal Credit Sufferer blog.

Throughout the Tories’ enactment of Social Murder policy DWP denied all accusations, facts and analysis of the consequences of the policy.  Relentless denial continued in response to the UN report.  DWP could not refute the facts and conclusions of the report; thus, its response was yet more lies, misrepresentation, spurious statistics and inventions.

Deliberately on the same day as the report’s publication, DWP used public money for a wraparound advertisement with the Metro newspaper.  The advert included alleged examples of how Universal Credit has “helped” people.  Almost every example of Universal Credit in action in the real world revealed it as utterly inadequate causing destitution, homelessness, debt and death, and the process of applying for it was shown to be purposefully deceptive and misleading.  DWP’s selective examples are unlikely to survive investigation as genuine.

DWP’s Metro advert was designed visually to not look like propaganda from the government.  It had the appearance of an investigatory report.  Aditya Chakrabortty had reported in Guardian that DWP’s Director General of Universal Credit Neil Couling sent a memo to senior staff that described the plan for the Metro advert:

The features won’t look or feel like DWP or UC – you won’t see our branding … We want to grab the readers’ attention and make them wonder who has done this ‘UC uncovered’ investigation.”

An intentional con-trick to deceive public and media was DWP’s reaction to a thorough report from the United Nations.  It was a display of contempt for the UN, for the victims of Social Murder and for the public.

According to Robert Booth in Guardian, DWP minister Amber Rudd will lodge a formal complaint with the UN about Alston’s report.  Her department said the report was 

A barely believable documentation of Britain based on a tiny period of time spent here and a completely inaccurate picture of our [Tory government] approach to tackling poverty.”

The Tory government’s approach to “tackling poverty” was to create and enhance poverty and blame the poor for the poverty while stepping over the bodies in the streets.  There was not a honest word in the government’s response to Alston’s report.  It was a contemptuous response.

DWP is the Social Murder department of the Tory government.  All its policy changes were created with the intent of causing abject misery.  Philip Alston’s report for the UN reiterated many well-researched accounts of how Tory Social Murder, including Universal credit, destroyed lives systematically.  He confirmed what was already known.  But, the Tories carry on lying and deaths keep mounting.



DWP’s contempt for its victims and for the UN

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