Theresa May as Prime Minister: Achievements and failures

Theresa May will resign on 7th June (2019).  Below are her main achievements and her biggest failures during her tenure as prime minister.


  • Enriched herself and her husband via brokerage of arms deals for arms manufacturers with whom her husband has considerable share-holdings
  • Enriched herself and her husband via wealth generation for customers of Capital Group for whom her husband works and receives a substantial salary


  • Rapid decline of NHS due to handover of services to privateer vultures and to departure of medical staff as a consequence of Brexit
  • Rise in unsolved crime due to huge cuts to police budgets and numbers of officers
  • Decline of state education due to budget cuts and theft of public funding by academy and free school “owners”
  • Collapse of privatised probation system
  • Decline in prison management due to privatisation and concomitant theft of public funding by “employers” of prison staff
  • Museum-level rail system caused by privatisation of rail network and consequential theft of income by “owners” of rail companies
  • Stole six years of pension from every woman in Britain
  • Deliberate policy decisions inspired by racism caused Windrush generation to be stripped of citizenship, livelihood, access to healthcare and access to welfare, deported and left for dead
  • No social or affordable homes built
  • Brokerage of arms deals with Saudi Arabian government to enable carpet-bombing of Yemeni civilians and civilian infrastructure
  • Collapse of manufacturing industry (steel, cars, etc.) as a consequence of Brexit uncertainty
  • Access to justice removed for less wealthy via removal of legal aid
  • Imposition of fracking on communities
  • Cessation of funding for renewal energy sources
  • Huge cuts to welfare provision for people with disabilities and chronic illnesses, including terminal illnesses, leading directly to thousands and thousands of deaths
  • Imposition of Universal Credit designed to cause destitution, homelessness, debt and death
  • Removal of central government funding for councils leading to huge cuts by councils of vital services
  • Rapid decline in social care caused by privatisation of services
  • Students from less well-off background saddled with a lifetime of debt due to removal of financial support for degrees
  • Access to the right to vote restricted via a variety of schemes including voter ID requirements
  • No action taken to stop unscrupulous employers in the so-called “gig economy” leading to below minimum wage employment with no workplace rights
  • Invasion of privacy via Investigatory Powers Act

Driven by a singular desire to support wealthy corporate tax-dodgers, May destroyed vital public services leaving a trail of bodies in the streets.  She accompanied her annihilation of society with relentless dishonesty, evasion and cowardice and laughed her head off when confronted with the consequences of her actions and inactions.

Theresa May was and is an anti-human bastard.


Theresa May as Prime Minister: Achievements and failures

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