Alastair Campbell ejected from Labour

Former adviser to Tony Blair Alastair Campbell was finally ejected from Labour today.

Campbell’s most notable contribution to life on earth was to concoct a false report on the military capabilities of the Iraqi government of Saddam Hussein; Campbell’s invention led directly to hundreds of thousands of deaths and the destruction of Iraq.

Campbell’s immediate response to his ejection was typical of his character: Petulant, haughty and full of distractions and false equivalences. 

All italicised text below are exact quotes from Campbell today.

Sad and disappointed to receive email expelling me from Labour – particularly on a day leadership finally seems to be moving to the right place on Brexit, not least thanks to tactical voting by party members, including MPs, councillors and peers who back a People’s Vote.”

Labour voters can switch to voting for another party but Labour members are required, in order to remain members, to not vote for another party.  That is a party rule.  Campbell deliberately chose to pretend to confuse voters with members in his comment above.  In the EU election last week many voters switched (perhaps temporarily) from Labour to Green party or Liberal Democrat; there was a difference between the choices of those voters and the actions of Labour members.

I was not intending to publicise this at this stage, but have had calls from friends in the Party telling me it is now widely known and likely to be leaked.

Campbell is a former communications adviser and, thus, nothing he says publicly is not done on purpose.  His decision to state in advance of the election that he was going to vote for a different party was a deliberate act to try to persuade others to do likewise.  Such an act is in breach of party rules.

I have been advised by lawyers with expertise in this field I have grounds for appeal against expulsion and shall do so.”

Campbell’s motivation for legal action is to maintain his public visibility while causing disruption and cost to Labour.  The rule he broke is very clear.  Campbell did not state whether these “lawyers with expertise in this field” are Margaret Hodge’s favourite Mishcon de Reya.

I am and always will be Labour. I voted Lib Dem, without advance publicity, to try to persuade Labour to do right thing for country/party.  In light of appeal, I won’t be doing media on this.”

Campbell lied above about no “advance publicity.”  No-one believes that Campbell will disappear from TV, radio and newspapers.  He will continue to appear, spouting tripe about Labour, but he will dodge questions on his ejection.

But hard not to point out difference in the way anti-Semitism cases have been handled.”

The libellous comment above was woefully false for many reasons.  Most notably, ejection requires proof unless the accused admits the crime.  In Campbell’s case he stated his wrongdoing proudly so the decision was easy.  Clearly, Campbell would want other people to be ejected based only on accusation and not admittance of guilt as is the case with him.

Plenty of precedent of members voting for other parties/causes. Some are now senior Party staff.  Approach also contrasts with our era when TB was being pressed by whips to withdraw whip for JC and others for persistently voting against Labour in Parliament, and he said ‘No.’

As Campbell was aware, votes in parliament that are not in line with the party’s direction are not sufficient for ejection from the party.  The entirely different act that Campbell committed was sufficient.  He knew this.  His false comparison was just a technique of his job as a professional bullshitter.

Alastair Campbell and friend

Good riddance!

Alastair Campbell ejected from Labour

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