Woody Johnson: $300 million tax-dodger

On BBC’s Andrew Marr show US ambassador to the UK Woody Johnson stated his government’s desire for the NHS to be destroyed as part of a deal between the two countries after a no deal Brexit. 

One of Trump’s first acts as president was to remove healthcare from tens of millions of Americans.  Premature deaths due to inability to afford healthcare are normal in USA and medical costs are the country’s largest contributor to personal bankruptcy.

Woody Johnson on Andrew Marr show

Johnson is more than an obedient servant of his president.  A recipient of billions of dollars of inherited wealth, Johnson has always been committed to gathering as much unearned wealth as he can while avoiding his legal financial obligations to the American people.  In 2000 he partook of a tax avoidance scam whereby he dodged three hundred million dollars of tax.  Jeffrey H. Birnbaum reported in Washington Post that

Two companies set up on the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea traded paper back and forth until it looked like they were selling a portfolio of stocks that had lost value equivalent to the profit Haim Saban and Woody Johnson wanted to eliminate for tax purposes.  As evidence that the trades were ‘phantoms’ rather than real, Levin [Sen. Carl M. Levin] noted that the Isle of Man firms, called Jackstones and Barnville, had paid-in capital of 2 pounds sterling yet claimed to be transferring stocks worth $9.6 billion.”

In 2003 The Inland Revenue Service challenged the transactions’ legitimacy and legality but Johnson didn’t pay what he owed until 2006.  He paid before being ordered to do so by a court; a pre-court payment avoided a possible conviction and lessened any bad press.

The scam Johnson used was so blatant and it was such a large sum of money that mere greed was insufficient to explain his motivation.  For characters like Johnson, born into wealth and trained at a top private school in the art of wallowing in undeserved superiority, normal social empathic attributes of being part of humanity are absent and there is no knowledge of their absence because there was never any knowledge of their existence.

Theft of hundreds of millions of dollars from the American people was acceptable to Johnson because discrepancies in US tax laws coupled with the invented status of Isle of Man as a tax haven allowed him to do it.  To not take advantage of what was available to him would have disturbed his entire well-nurtured outlook on life.  

Such an attitude cannot be reasoned with and is impervious to logic.  Pleas to the community of mankind, to fairness and to justice have no effect.  Any attempt to describe to the perpetrator the wrongdoing of the acts of financial violence would be met with a shrug because Johnson’s type does not ever consider they are doing something wrong or unjust or unfair.  The apparent malice is not a conscious malice; the malice is so precisely imbued that it is as natural and as unnoticeable as breathing.  It is an ingrained sociopathic psychosis.

Johnson wants the NHS to end.  If the NHS disappeared then healthcare (funded by insurance or by direct billing) would be a huge earner for racketeers.  The public would have no option but to pay, except the option of dying.  Johnson cannot perceive the morality of universally available healthcare because he has had the capability to understand social concepts erased from his cognitive process.  He is unable to see an ill person or an injured person as anything other than a potential cash cow. 

The NHS is being privatised.  A large percentage of its funding is being siphoned off by made-up companies who pretend to provide healthcare services.  Consequently, hospitals are increasingly unable to provide the care that is needed.  The Tories use people’s ill-health as a means of channelling public money into the hands of parasites.  The next step of privatisation is to remove public funding and make access to healthcare dependent on wealth. 

Complete privatisation of the NHS would be a windfall for the likes of Johnson.  An endless supply of free money for nothing while people die.  There would be no mercy shown; unearned income from others’ illnesses and injuries would be the only objective.  Relentless inhumane pursuit of personal gain powered by ingrained sociopathic psychosis.



Woody Johnson: $300 million tax-dodger

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