An awful family at Buckingham Palace

A privileged family enjoyed a day at Buckingham Palace yesterday.  Dressed in expensive attire the family members dined lavishly at British public’s expense and posed for photographs to promote their brand. 

Family members meet another family

No-one in the family deserves an elevated position in society.  None has any talent, skills, expertise, knowledge or enterprise that should be requirements to hold a lofty position with power and influence.  Each member of the family attained their status by being a member of the family or by marrying a member.  

The wealth of the family is partly inherited, partly handouts from tax-payers and partly attained from property and offshore investments.  None of the wealth was earned.  Shady business deals including many tax-avoiding investments and “ownership” of swathes of land and property are the norm for this family: Income for no work and with no tax.

The family members interfere in politics around the world and associate with the worst authoritarian despots.  In particular, the family has a close relationship with the brutal leaders of Saudi Arabia.

Each member of the family has a specific public role, devised by a PR army, to fool the public that she or he has worth and importance and to justify their elevated personal stature and the exaggerated deferment to them.  One of them pretends to care about society, about people’s lives and about the future of mankind; another pretends to care about the plight of veterans of armed conflict; another pretends to care about the environment; all are charlatans.

Patriotism is a stated concern for all members of this family while they enjoy unearned income from investments in international businesses that are fleecing the people of their country and while they avoid their full contribution as tax payers.  They express sympathy for the victims of war – military and civilian – while profiting from investments in the arms industry.  The key role of one member of the family is to broker arms deals.  The family glorifies military conflict and sacrifice as it profits from it.  

The family’s history includes support for extreme-right politicians who promoted racist ideology and extreme financial exploitation of the poorest in their own country and throughout the world.  Failed marriages litter the personal history of key members of the family.

Everything about this family is fake.  It exists simultaneously to distract the public gaze from their exploiters and as an enabler of exploitation.  The family is full, without exception, of idiots, swindlers, confidence tricksters and liars.  They are permanently fleecing the public and enabling others to do the same.  They are enemies of the people.  The Windsor family is a truly awful family.

An awful family at Buckingham Palace

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