Theresa May: Political obituary

The day after another electoral embarrassment for the Tories in the Peterborough by-election Theresa May scurried away from her job as party leader.  Her grey ghost lingers as prime minister while the Tories try to find a new leader who isn’t hated by everybody.

Brexit terminated May’s tenure by exposing brutally her stupidity and ignorance.  Theresa May is a very stupid person.  She lacks knowledge, vision and analytical acumen and she has no intellectual capacity for deductive reasoning.  Throughout her political career she protected her dimness by avoidance of scrutiny and evasion of debate.  Her cowardice when faced with questions from opposition MPs and from media was both a tactic and her only option.

The consequences of stupidity – lack of self-awareness, no shame and a sociopathic personality – make it an asset for a conservative (small ‘c’) politician; the task of enabling a political ideology and associated strategy that is intrinsically opposed to the benefit of the majority requires a detachment from natural reactive and deductive thought processes.  But, eventually, when an issue arises that needs intelligence, the deficiencies of a stupid politician become problematic.

May combined stupidity with a basic brand of stubbornness.  Kind or dishonest observers characterised her stubbornness as determination or fortitude but May was simply unwilling and unable to acknowledge her voluminous shortcomings as leader and as decision-maker.

Her departure was welcomed by those for whom the Tories work but May was a very useful tool for these enemies of society.  During almost three years as prime minister May enhanced the destruction of society, particularly public services, begun by Cameron and his lapdog Clegg and she enacted policies that increased hugely the wealth of the wealthiest at everyone else’s expense.

Austerity and Social Murder
Ideological strategy of austerity and its accomplice Social Murder were expanded by May and her government with a variety of vicious cuts to welfare provision and to services.  Destitution, debt, homelessness and death were the intended outcome of these policies.  People with disabilities, mental health issues and chronic or terminal illnesses were hit hardest by May’s assault.  Universal Credit was designed as a means of causing misery with the ultimate aim of a cull. 

A United Nations report by Philip Alston, that had collected evidence of the effects of Tories’ policies against the poorest people in Britain, damned the Tory government but May and her colleagues responded to it with contempt.  When any Tory minister was asked about austerity or Social Murder they denied seeing any or they laughed derisively.  May, chancellor Philip Hammond and DWP ministers Esther McVey, Iain Duncan-Smith and Amber Rudd all denied any destructive effects of their policies and they complained petulantly if questioned about such effects.

Laughter was May’s favourite reaction to being presented with the awful facts of the consequences of her policies.  In parliament, if Labour, SNP, Green or Plaid Cymru MPs spoke about the desperate situation of people as a direct result of Tory Social Murder policy May led her party in a chorus of laughter.  The laughter’s intent was to mock the people whose lives had been destroyed by Tory policies.

Destruction of public services and NHS
Necessary public services were wrecked by May: Cuts to police numbers and closure of police stations; closure of fire stations; collapse of probation service; rapid decline in quality of prison service; archaic, unreliable and expensive rail service; huge budget cuts in state schools; closure of libraries; rapid, catastrophic decline in care services; extortionate cost of utilities.  For May, any public service, anything necessary, was merely a cash cow for swindlers who invented companies out of thin air and were handed public money to ‘operate’ the service but pocketed most of the money leaving a poor service and high costs for users.

The most necessary public service is the NHS and, thus, it has the greatest potential for free money for the swindlers.  Tories claimed constantly that the NHS received sufficient funding but a large percentage of that money was siphoned off by privateers and disappeared into their offshore accounts.  For May, the NHS was a magic money tree for racketeers.  For patients, waiting times for operations increased, access to GPs disappeared and A&E became a death zone.  One of May’s last acts was to stand obsequiously next to Donald Trump as he stated firmly that any post-Brexit deal between UK and US would include access for US parasites to the remnants of the NHS.

Building social housing ceased while May was prime minister and property developers were allowed to dodge legal commitments to building so-called affordable housing.  Consequently, homelessness among people with full-time jobs increased.  Meanwhile, apartments for the wealthiest sprung up all over major British cities, often replacing previous homes that were accessible to everyone, built by developers based in tax havens, sold by companies based in tax havens and bought by people or landlords based in tax havens.  This theft of living space was deliberately enabled by May.

Grenfell Tower fire
Two years ago Grenfell Tower in Kensington, London caught fire and was destroyed.  Seventy-one people died and hundreds were made homeless.  May’s immediate reaction was to adopt the cover-up mode and she maintained that stance over the following two years.  Grenfell Tower was the responsibility of a Tory council; within the council’s borough live a lot of very wealthy people including donors to the Tory party; the loss of that council in an election to Labour would be difficult for the Tories.

An inquiry into the fire has dragged on aimlessly and has been a constant battle for the survivors, many of whom are still homeless.  Obstacles, delays and lies have been the government’s response to the fire.  

When Home Secretary, May concocted a plan to wreck the lives of people who had moved to Britain from Commonwealth countries from late 1940s to early 1970s.  She ordered the destruction of documents that were proof of their arrival and their legal status in Britain and then she changed the law to demand they prove their right to live in Britain.  As a direct and intended result, thousands of people, mostly elderly, were threatened with deportation, were banned from working and denied welfare benefits, lost free access to all NHS services and had their pensions stolen.  Some people were deported, some of whom died destitute.  Others lost their life savings and homes.  For those with serious illnesses, death came earlier due to no available healthcare.

May’s plan was a tactic of her policy of displaying racist intent.  It’s only purpose was to prove her racist credentials.

Arms industry profits and Yemen
The arms industry is lucrative for freeloading investors.  The relationship between disreputable governments and that industry is deep.  May had a personal interest in feeding the arms industry given her husband’s considerable investments in it.  She brokered deals between elements of the industry and Saudi Arabian government.  One such deal was the sale of forty-eight Typhoon jets for carpet-bombing of Yemeni civilians and civilian infrastructure.  As part of the deal, British military personnel were stationed in Saudi Arabia as trainers and consultants and Saudi pilots practiced in British airspace.  Hundreds of thousands of Yemeni civilians were killed directly by Saudi airstrikes or indirectly by lack of healthcare – hospitals were deliberately destroyed – and by starvation and associated diseases because food and medical supplies were destroyed and blockaded.

Voter suppression
May knew that poorest voters might not have a passport or driving licence so she created a voting requirement for photo ID; consequently, thousands of people were denied their right to vote. 

For the European elections non-British EU citizens resident in UK who have the right to vote in Britain were deliberately misinformed about registration necessities and there were non-accidental delays in administration that caused hundreds of thousands to be unable to vote.

Tory MP Chloe Smith was handed the invented title of Minister for the Constitution by May and asked to develop reasons to justify removal of the right to vote and the right to stand in an election for people who had “intimidated politicians.”

Goodbye access to justice
Denial of access to justice was May’s biggest contribution to the removal of democracy: Legal aid was almost abolished.  Consequently, it is very difficult for people without wealth to defend themselves adequately in criminal or civil court and it is impossible for someone to take legal action against any large business, council or government agency.  Justice now has a price.  Justice is now dependent on wealth.  The wealthy evade justice and the poorest suffer from it.  


The necessities of life – human rights – were systematically eroded by May.  Millions of people were left with insufficient money to survive, with reduced access to healthcare and with nowhere to live.  

Normal aspects of civilised society were diminished by May.  Education, policing and access to justice are no longer guaranteed.

Evasion and dishonesty were the driving forces of May’s mode of communication with a consequential collapse of trust in her government and in all agencies of governance and authority.

May normalised racial prejudice and anti-Islam rhetoric.

May normalised extreme selfishness and erosion of humanitarian philosophy.

May galvanised xenophobia and othering as tools of division.

May demanded hatred of people with disabilities, mental health issues and chronic illnesses.

May gave billions of pounds of public money to made-up businesses who pretended to run public services including a huge contribution to Capita, her husband’s employer.

May made tax avoidance easy for the wealthiest.

May cavorted with brutal authoritarian leaders of countries who are committing acts against human rights daily.

May offered Donald Trump her hand.

May is violently opposed to society and to humanity.  She is an enemy of people.  She is a willing puppet of thieves, swindlers and mass murderers.  She should not be allowed to retire in peace.


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Theresa May: Political obituary

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