Special relationship

Cowardice, venality and obsequiousness will direct the post-May Tory government’s relationship with Trumpism.  Whether led by Etonian Johnson or by Charterhouse’s Hunt, the reconfigured government intends to spring to attention and accept orders whenever Trump, Pompeo or Bolton issues a diktat.

The Special Relationship between USA and UK has always been an owner-dog relationship.  Tony Blair epitomised eagerness of dependence in his partnership with Bush jr.  Via Brexit, Hunt and Johnson’s intent is to make the dog a snivelling tail-wagging beg-for-treats little mutt.

Boris Johnson (left) and Donald Trump

No deal Brexit will be a windfall for disaster capitalists.  Induced (or invented) fiscal financial desperation will allow the Tories to create further false excuses to destroy society.  Public services and public property will be handed to made-up tax avoiding “businesses” at knock-down prices.  Workers’ rights, Health & Safety regulations and food standards regulations will disappear.  The pace of the carve-up and destruction of the NHS will increase rapidly.  UK’s stature as a tax haven for the wealthy will be enhanced.

The beneficiaries of the annihilation of anything that signifies social cohesion and humanity are exactly the same businesses and people for whom Trump and his cronies work, and Trump, his awful family and its nested concoction of corporate filth.  Trump’s consistent support for the most disastrous of Brexits is assisted by multi-million dollar tax avoider Woody Johnson, the US ambassador to UK.

Their top private schooling taught Hunt and Johnson to be utterly subservient to the power of corporate money.  Any possible tendencies toward empathy, social responsibility and morality were schooled out of them.  Now, both are focused resolutely on feeding themselves and like-minded sociopaths at the expense of everyone else.  No deal Brexit provides them and their colleagues with a once in a lifetime opportunity for rampant destruction and vacuuming up the spoils but only if they follow instructions relayed via the White House.

Jeremy Hunt (left) and Mike Pompeo

As Foreign Secretary, Hunt demonstrated keenly his willingness to be obedient.  He parroted Pompeo’s words on the ludicrous false flag attack on oil tankers in Gulf of Oman and he ordered the Royal Navy to use military force to detain an Iranian oil tanker and its crew near Gibraltar under the false pretext of a breach of EU sanctions against Syria, the tanker’s destination.  The latter event’s stated reason was a fabrication; Hunt merely acted on orders from Pompeo who desired action as part of the US government’s attempt to start a war against Iran.

The Foreign Office denied two Russian TV stations, RT and Sputnik, access to an international media conference on “media freedom” in London.  Both stations supported Julian Assange and Edward Snowden who are wanted by the US government for exposing war crimes by the US military.  No journalists or broadcasters from Venezuela were invited to the conference; the US government does not recognise the democratically elected Venezuelan government and it allowed an associate of terrorist Juan Guaido to forcibly occupy the country’s embassy in Washington.

Without a ministerial position in the final months of Theresa May’s government Johnson’s displays of servitude were less noticeable recently.  When Foreign Secretary he gushed praise for Trump and the admiration was returned.  Both observed mutual usefulness in attaining financial goals through the consequences of Brexit.  However, both were and are aware that one of them is useful as management and the other is useful as dogsbody.  During his visit to UK in 2018 Trump said “he’s [Johnson] been saying very good things about me as president.  I think he thinks I’m doing a good job.  I am doing a great job.”  Johnson received tactical advice from former Trump advisor Steve Bannon.

Pointedly, Johnson declined to support (former) British ambassador to USA Kim Darroch who received a torrent of abuse from Trump following the leak of e-mails Darroch had sent that were critical of Trump.  Darroch resigned due to lack of support for him from the UK government.

There is a Trump fan club in the Tory party waiting to accept cabinet positions.

As soon as Trump was elected Iain Duncan-Smith, former chief of DWP Social Murder, spoke excitedly about the Special Relationship: “Brexit means we are now freer to make arrangements.”

Etonian Jacob Rees-Mogg expressed his full support for Trump often, including compliance with Trump’s verbal attack on the Mayor of London: I think what the Mayor of London said was deeply disgraceful.  Mr Trump is the democratically elected president of our closest ally.  I think that Mr Khan demeans his office and demeans the nation.  What he has said is quite wrong and deeply improper.  So I think for the president to hit back and say he’s a failed mayor of London, which is true, is fair enough.  So I’m backing Mr Trump in this row.”

Ahead of Darroch’s resignation Bill Cash criticised him in the House of Commons: “These toxic and unjustified attacks on the president of the United States and his administration are regarded by many people as completely unjustified.  As chairman of the European scrutiny committee I was more than well aware of Darroch’s own prejudices in relation to the EU.  Surely it is not his so-called frankness which should be the issue but his lack of judgment, which disqualifies him from his post.”

Well-trained servant Johnny Mercer did not approve of political protests against Trump when he visited the UK: “He is president of our greatest ally and I’m afraid that special relationship, particularly away from the public eye in the security services and the military that ultimately guarantee our freedom, is as close as it’s ever been.  And I think we need to get real on that.”

Disgraced former Defence Secretary Liam Fox, on his way to a meeting with Ivanka Trump, said he would apologise to her for Darroch’s comments: “I will be apologizing for the fact that either our civil service or elements of our political class have not lived up to the expectations that either we have or the United States has about their behavior, which in this particular case has lapsed in a most extraordinary and unacceptable way.”

John Redwood equated being a “great advocate of the UK” with not being critical of Trump: “The outgoing Ambassador was right to resign.  The next Ambassador must be capable of good analysis in private communications, expressed in moderate & professional language & be a great advocate of the UK.”

Johnson’s leadership campaign chair for Scotland Ross Thomson displayed his unambiguous willingness for the British government to be an obedient lapdog for the US: “We have to be realistic about this, the president of the United States himself has said I cannot work with this person.  We have to make sure we have the best possible relationship with the US, and that means having someone that the US administration can trust.  I think Boris Johnson has shown leadership by not just playing to the crowd and saying what everyone else has been saying.  I think it’s really important that in the national interest we have the best possible relationship with the United States.  I think it’s really important post-Brexit in terms of new trade deals, in terms of security and defence.  We actually had the president saying that he could no longer with that ambassador, given the unvarnished comments that were released, and essentially when that happened it was right to move on.”

A post-Brexit Johnson or Hunt-led government will be unashamedly and relentlessly directed by the US government.  Britain will be less than a vassal state.  The Special Relationship will be declared as a necessity and that declaration will be used to excuse anything.  Britain will be a source of income for parasites and an enabler of tax avoidance.  Everything that was fought hard for over decades and centuries will disappear.  




Special relationship

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