British oil tanker?

Last week Iranian military seized an oil tanker in Strait of Hormuz as a direct response to an attack on and detention of an Iranian oil tanker by British armed forces near Gibraltar a few weeks earlier.  

Predictably, Tory government and British media side-stepped shamelessly their hypocrisy and condemned the Iranian military’s actions.  Neither seizure of a tanker was justified; both were political posturing. 

US government directed Tory government’s instructions to UK military to board and withhold the Iranian tanker.  Cowardice and acquiescence to US demands from the Tories was unsurprising.  The Tory government, current or pending, is utterly subservient to the whims of the US government and the obsequiousness will grow post-Brexit as Johnson and his hapless colleagues beg for scraps of extortionate trade deals.  Mike Pompeo clicked his fingers and (current) Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt sprung to attention and ordered British troops to violate maritime law in the Mediterranean Sea.

Bizarrely, the tanker seized by Iranian navy, the Stena Impero, was described relentlessly by Tories and media as a “British” tanker but it is not British.  It is owned by Swedish company Stena, manned by crew from India, Russia, Latvia and Philippines, and was built in China.  It has no connection to Britain other than its flag of (financial) convenience concocted by Stena’s tax accountants.  

Hunt promised more naval protection for tankers but why should British military vessels, funded by British people, protect privately-owned vessels thousands of miles from Britain?  The British government should keep well out of the nonsense but Britain’s weak international standing, exasperated by Brexit and compounded by fearful, unintelligent politicians, means more such incidents will occur as Etonian self-serving buffoon Boris Johnson prostrates himself to preserve the ‘Special Relationship.’

Hold a kipper in the air;
Stick a deckchair up your nose

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British oil tanker?

2 thoughts on “British oil tanker?

  1. Reblogged this on Wirral In It Together and commented:
    It’s British when it suits 🇬🇧

    We the UK Government – via our captured media – will also selectively forget to remind readers that this was a tit-for-tat seizure, hot on the heels of the UK’s illegal impounding of an Iranian oil tanker, and the origin of the “UK / Iran tanker war”, carried out by the Royal Marines. Furthermore, there was no justification for this seizure because no EU sanctions exist against Iran or Syria – the rightful destination of the stolen oil.

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