Theresa May’s despicable attempts to erase her guilt

Tomorrow (24th July) is Theresa May’s final wretched day as Prime Minister.  A final day of lies, evasion, abuse and utter contempt for humanity.  Soulless, sociopathic enabler of destruction of society and Social Murder is her disgusting legacy.


While the endless (and pointless) battle to be her successor ran its pathetic course May concocted offensive attempts to rewrite her political legacy to be the opposite of what it really is.  This reversal of truth was her final explosion of faeces into the faces of the British people.

Resignation Speech
May’s initial resignation speech was a malodorous stream of misrepresentation and grotesque lies.

May statement: “I have striven to make the United Kingdom a country that works not just for a privileged few, but for everyone.  I am proud of the progress we have made over the last three years.”
FACT: Millions of people were forced into extreme poverty due to removal of welfare support, removal of workers’ rights and abject lack of housing.  Meanwhile, the wealthiest enriched themselves exponentially due to Tory enabling of tax avoidance and exploitation.

May statement: “The deficit is almost eliminated, our national debt is falling and we are bringing an end to austerity.”
FACT: Fiscal debt increased hugely.  Austerity was never a policy to save money; it was an ideological policy.

May statement: “We have helped more people than ever enjoy the security of a job.”
FACT: A sub minimum wage, insecure, zero-hours “job” is just exploitation.

May statement: “We are building more homes and helping first-time buyers onto the housing ladder.”
FACT: It is near impossible for anyone on an average salary to afford a mortgage.  Council house building ceased.  The only homes being built are for the wealthiest.

May statement: “I put proper funding for mental health at the heart of our NHS long-term plan.”
FACT: The only long-term Tory plan for the NHS is its destruction.

May statement: “I set up the independent public inquiry into the tragedy at Grenfell Tower – to search for the truth, so nothing like it can ever happen again, and so the people who lost their lives that night are never forgotten.”
FACT: Former Grenfell Tower residents are still without homes.  The inquiry is a sham.

May’s blatant unashamed lies in her resignation speech were more than erasure of facts.  They were part of a plan to create a positive legacy for the most anti-humanity Prime Minister since Wellington.

She had a few more confidence tricks wherein she claimed to want to do something that was diametrically opposed to what she did as Prime Minister.

Office For Tackling Injustices
A couple of weeks ago May created the Office for Tackling Injustices.

Deep-seated societal injustice requires a long-term focus and cannot be eliminated overnight.  I have challenged the injustices which still exist in our society.  The Office for Tackling Injustices will go further, using the power of data, gathered from extensive sources, to shine a spotlight on key injustices and provide the catalyst for better policy solutions.”

May’s government had continued the deliberate Tory policies that caused “societal injustices” including removal of access to legal aid.  She fortified and enhanced injustices, never challenged them.  She was the architect of the racist Windrush scandal when Home Secretary and its executor when Prime Minister.

Domestic Abuse Bill
One of the final bills May brought to parliament was the Domestic Abuse BIll.  She knew that the stated intent of the bill will not be realised because of severe cuts to local services as a result of government cuts to central grants to councils and because Boris Johnson will not have any interest in it.

Help for victims of domestic abuse deteriorated and disappeared throughout May’s time as Prime Minister due to benefit cuts, closure of refuges resulting from huge cuts to central support for councils, lack of affordable housing and May’s “hostile environment” policy toward immigrants where some women were fearful of seeking help in case they were deported or detained.

The Bill was a another gesture by May to enhance her legacy but she was one of the main causes of the deterioration in the lives of victims of domestic abuse.

Public sector “pay rise”
Public sector workers will receive a pay rise.  Allegedly, the rise will be “above inflation.”

There were two obvious flaws with this attempt to redeem her image.  For years May’s government, and preceding Tory governments, denied pay rises to public sector workers or gave them rises below inflation.  Secondly, there is no extra fiscal funding for the pay rises; thus, their costs will be met by reductions to staff numbers and by cuts to services.

Shameless deception
Shamelessness is a necessity to be a successful Tory politician.  Limited intelligence assists persistent shamelessness.  May’s stupidity was and is a vital component of her personality.

The interminable Tory leadership contest allowed her time to pretend to propose policies and present plans that were designed solely to massage her image.  The fact that May and her advisers thought the public will be fooled was an example of how much contempt she has for people and, simultaneously, how stupid she is.

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Theresa May’s despicable attempts to erase her guilt

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