World 4 Brexit

No deal Brexit will be welcomed by disaster capitalists and economic extremists who are expecting a fire-sale of public services, a bonfire of workers’ rights, health & safety regulations and legal rights and the removal of human rights protection.

Opportunists in USA will be the largest threat to society because of existing trade deals between USA and UK, the warped special relationship between Trump and Johnson and lack of federal regulation of business practices in USA.  Assistance given to extreme Brexiteers by hard-right economic libertarians in USA started as soon as campaigning for the EU referendum began and continued since.

World 4 Brexit (W4B) is a device to collect money to pay for propaganda for no deal Brexit.  It is registered in USA to bypass UK law on declarations of donations for political organisations.  W4B promotional pamphlet stated that donations will be used for

  • Opinion and message research
  • Media and press relations
  • Offices in London, Washington and Brussels
  • Staff and admin during 2019 (intention is to be self-supporting via ongoing fundraising)
  • Lobbying and influence in the U.K. and elsewhere
  • Legal counsel advice to ensure our reputation for integrity
  • Ongoing U.S. fundraising and support
  • Support for development of further links and offices around the world
  • Global events with high-profile international speakers
  • Social media and advertising
  • Economic/social studies

W4B people
Leave.EU’s co-creator Gerry Gunster was one of the founders of W4B.  Leave.EU was convicted of breaches of electoral law last year including failure to declare money paid to Gunster’s business Goddard Gunster for services related to the referendum campaign.

Peggy Grande, former assistant to US president Reagan, is chair of W4B.  In an article for extreme-right website Daily Caller Grande said “the implementation of Brexit will allow the U.K. to re-establish ties to trading partners who are currently alienated by the E.U.”  Her false argument about membership of EU restricting international trade was a ruse.  It translated as a desire for all protections – workers’ rights, food standards, health & safety etc. – to be removed to allow unfettered exploitation.

Republican Governor of Mississippi Phil Bryant helped to launch W4B.  Bryant enabled the set-up of data mining business Big Data Dolphins, that used the same processes as Cambridge Analytica, at University of Mississippi.  Big Data Dolphins was backed by Eldon Insurance owned by Aaron Banks.  

(Earlier this year Bryant contravened the US constitution when he tried to impose extremely-restrictive access to abortion.)

Also on board is ubiquitous Brexifter Nigel Farage.

Bryant, Grande and Farage

W4B tactics and strategy
The tactics of W4B are straightforward and simple: Relentless lies, misdirection, distraction and confidence tricks. 

Its strategy is compartmentalised into public and private. 

Public strategy is two-fold:

1) Lobotomy-inducing repetition of paeans to democracy re. the EU referendum vote and con-tricks about access to “free trade.”
2) Loaded denigration of opponents.

Private strategy focuses on convincing no deal Brexit’s would-be exploitative beneficiaries to part with money to fund propaganda and Farage’s offshore accounts.

W4B propaganda
In its own words W4B operational methodology will

  • Proactively engage with the international mainstream.
  • Build ‘watchdog’ groups to investigate media bias and expose the funders behind the ‘Remain’
  • Write and place op-eds
  • Use paid media to get our message out

The above plans made (possibly correct) assumptions about the compliance of media outlets and broadcasters.  It is not possible to “proactively engage” with non-complicit media and it is not possible to “place” op-eds with non-complicit media.   

Simple and dishonest rhetoric is the plan.  (Quotes below from W4B’s promotional pamphlet.)

Imagine a country in which more than 70% of citizens democratically voted in a national referendum, only to have outside forces and the government overturn the results.”

Yes, 52% of 70% is 37%.  So, 37% voted for Brexit.  37% is less than half.

Not a single referendum [in Britain] has been overturned after the fact, let alone toppled by external forces.”
[W4B can] correct the international narrative about Brexit and serve as a ‘watchdog’ to understand the global funding for those opposed to democracy.”

Outside forces?”  “External forces?”  Who are they and external to whom?  What “international narrative?”  What is the “global funding” opposed to democracy?  W4B didn’t answer those questions.  It left the phrases there to be interpreted in whatever way the reader chose.

Another of its “can do” claims was “educate communities with diverse backgrounds on the benefits of Brexit.”  Does W4B think that Brexit has a image problem related to race?

The creation of the Common Market in Western Europe coincided historically with the end of the British empire; W4B asked for a return to pre-EU “ties” with “successful and growing parts of the world.”

W4B advocated free international trade unrestricted by EU regulations and laws.  Its call for such trade was accompanied by a photo of and quote from former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.  Coincidently, Abbott is on the advisory board of Initiative for Free Trade (IFT) think-tank.  IFT wants complete worldwide access for exploitation, the “freedom” to exploit people everywhere equally.  Its president is economic libertarian Daniel Hannan.

The final sentence was hilarious: We will draw on legal advice to ensure that we comply fully with all aspects of the law and demonstrate conspicuous integrity in what we do.”

Philosophically, W4B is nothing new and it is populated with the same gurning faces as all other Brexit propaganda groups and organisations.  It is part extreme grifting, for Farage, Gunster, Banks, etc., part pressure group on pliable hapless Boris Johnson and part propaganda machine with the help of complicit media.

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World 4 Brexit

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