Alastair Campbell committed his final cowardly act as a Labour member

Rightly, Labour Party expelled former adviser to Tony Blair Alastair Campbell after he admitted voting for Liberal Democrats in an election.  It was a simple straightforward decision to eject him in response to a clear, blatant and provocative breach of party rules.

When his expulsion was confirmed, Campbell, acting as always as a coward and a liar, decided to pretend that the decision to leave Labour was his.  He concocted a vomit-inducing essay, compliantly published by New European newspaper, and followed that with a tour of equally complicit TV and radio studios.  In the essay Campbell lied brazenly that Labour wanted to try to find a way to keep him in the party.

Be clear: Campbell was kicked out with a boot up his arse.  Out the door, permanently. 

His whining and self-promotion in print, TV and radio was unsurprising and showed what a duplicitous, untrustworthy, conniving and disreputable person he is.  The art of the con is his career but it comes easy to him because it is an extension of his personality. 

When he was Tony Blair’s adviser and desperate to please then US president George W. Bush, Campbell created a false analysis of the capability of Iraq’s military.  The consequence was hundreds of thousands of people killed or wounded and millions of lives affected.  But US oil companies made huge profits.  At best, Campbell should have been rotting in an Iraqi jail for over a decade interspersed with trips to The Hague; at best.

International Criminal Court, The Hague

Campbell is an extreme example of the rottenness of British politics.  

Sod off.  

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Alastair Campbell committed his final cowardly act as a Labour member

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