Jo Swinson is as bad as expected

As a key member of the (2010-2015) Tory/Liberal Democrat government Swinson waved through destructive Social Murder policies and dismantlement of NHS.  Her support for such policies was (and is) as keen as that of any Tory MP.  Despite claiming to be in favour of environmentally friendly government, Swinson received donations from the director of Warwick Energy Ltd, a firm with fracking licences across England.  She asked for a statue of Margaret Thatcher to be built and placed near parliament because “[Thatcher] showed she had long-term vision about our country’s future.”


Liberal Democrats do not want a no deal Brexit or any Brexit but the party’s MP’s main priority is to try to prevent a socialist government being elected and their fear of a Corbyn-led election victory for Labour overrides all other fears including the consequences of an abrupt departure from the EU without preparation.

One of Swinson’s first acts as leader was a proposal to table a motion of no confidence in Boris Johnson in parliament.  (That is not the same as a vote of no confidence in the government.)  Such a motion is a gesture, nothing more.  Rightly, Corbyn declined to support the motion because he had better and more important things to do.  Of course, Swinson expected his declination: The sole reason she tabled the motion was to receive a rejection from Corbyn so that she could make a spurious claim of his inaction.

In an article in The Observer Swinson said “[Corbyn] had yet another opportunity to prove that he can be the leader of the opposition.  And he bottled it.  Faced with the hardline Brexit government that Boris Johnson appointed, Corbyn did nothing.  On Wednesday I wrote asking him to table a motion of no confidence, but he didn’t.  Yet another test of Corbyn’s leadership, yet another failure.  Britain deserves better than an opposition that just doesn’t show up.”

The set-up re. the motion of no confidence was used By Swinson as a lead into a repeat of the confidence trickery of “new” politics for “a positive, alternative vision for our country.”  In the same Observer article Swinson, with deliberate offence, positioned Corbyn with extremists: “The forces of nationalism and populism have risen in our country with chilling consequences.  It is my biggest priority to grow this movement and take on Johnson, Corbyn, Nigel Farage and the rest.”

Her rhetoric matched the emptiness of Change UK’s pointless declarations.  That party died quickly.  Vacuum of ideas is not a new phenomena for Swinson.  In 2017, in a Guardian article and in a conference speech, she inelucidated similarly.  An MP or potential leader of a party can hide their limitations in knowledge or analytical acumen by selecting their public and media appearances and associated topics of conversation but a leader is exposed. 

Never trust a Liberal Democrat even if their views on Brexit appear to match your’s.  Whatever they might think of Johnson and his band of decepticons, the Liberal Democrats’ aim is to stop Corbyn and stop socialism.  Even their vocalisation of opposition to Brexit is expressed by misdirectional criticism of Corbyn and by equating left and right. 

Dishonesty requires shamelessness which, in turn, requires stupidity; vacuity of thought is the key component of Jo Swinson’s methodology as a politician. 

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Jo Swinson is as bad as expected

2 thoughts on “Jo Swinson is as bad as expected

  1. Reblogged this on Wirral In It Together and commented:
    The Tory LibDems are showing that they never went away. Hopefully, post-#Brexit, as a narrow, one issue party of Remain (anti-democratic) they will wither on the vine and go the way of #Savile’s bezzie, Margaret Thatcher. Six feet under and remembered only in horror and disgust.

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