Government of National Unity?

Temporal confluence of possible success of a vote of no confidence in the government leading to a general election and the cut-off date for Brexit (31st October) could create a clumsy scenario where the election campaign is interrupted by automatic no deal departure from the EU.  Boris Johnson and his gang of extremist puppets of disaster capitalists could sit smugly after being ousted and wait for the cliff-fall that suits their employers while other parties are busy campaigning to win an election.

To avoid this, the concept of a temporary government was proposed.  Such a ‘government of national unity’ could be formed immediately after a successful vote of no confidence in Johnson’s government and peopled with all current opposition MPs (minus a couple of determined no-dealers like Kate Hoey) plus some Tory MPs who are opposed to no deal.  It would exist up to the general election; its sole purpose would be to extend the Brexit date beyond the election.

That might seem like an eminently workable and sensible plan.  It isn’t: See Lea Ypi’s article in Independent (link below).

Centrists’ shenanigans
The key motivation for the proponents of the plan is to prevent Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell from being Prime Minister and Chancellor respectively.  Grieve and his remainer Tory colleagues, Swinson’s Liberal Democrats including new recruit Chuka Umunna, the remnants of Change UK, other ex-Labour democracy thieves and the Progress mob in Labour are all committed to stopping socialism.  Anything but socialism is their guiding principle. 

They are against Jeremy Corbyn being the leader of the government of national unity but not because of what may or may not happen during its brief tenure; as stated above, the temporary government would have a single task of removing the October 31st departure date.  What the anti-socialists want is to prevent Corbyn displaying his capabilities as a leader just prior to a general election and if they move him aside dismissively they hope that would diminish his public stature while raising the profile of a hapless centrist.

The arrogance of centrists is boundless.  Corbyn is the leader of the opposition.  Immediately after a successful vote of no confidence in the Tory/DUP government Corbyn would have the first opportunity to form a government including the possible government of national unity.  For anyone to demand otherwise is underhand political manipulation and cowardice and is utterly contemptible.

An effective government of national unity could be formed after a successful vote of no confidence if the will exists to do it but the absocs see it primarily as a means to undermine Corbyn.  Stopping a socialist government is a bigger priority for the centrists than stopping a no deal Brexit. 

Labour must stand firm and not buckle: If Labour supports the concept of a government of national unity then Corbyn must lead it.  The centrists can go whistle.

Hilary Benn and Yvette Cooper

absoc n. Centrist politician, activist or journalist who opportunistically supports any political viewpoint or action in order to oppose socialism; acronym of ‘anything but socialism’

Recommended reading
Lea Ypi for Independent

Government of National Unity?

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