Boris Johnson: Etonian conman

Johnson’s public persona has reduced to incoherent ejaculations of meaningless faux-optimism about no deal Brexit and repetitive PR-team phrases.  He cannot justify his commitment to a cliff-fall no deal Brexit and he has neither the knowledge of nor the intelligence to understand the details of what will happen if Britain crashes out of EU on October 31st (2019).

Etonian bluster is all he has.  That is all he has ever had.  It is deliberate.  His behaviour is a tactic.  It is one of the few skills he learnt at the Eton machine.  He was taught that the jolly posh bloke who seeks to simplify the message will be applauded obsequiously by similarly educated media hacks.  The swiftness with which journalists and broadcasters fell into line was as nauseating as it was predictable.  ITV’s Paul Brand danced with joy at Johnson’s conman’s charm in contrast to his report on a secret camera investigation into Jeremy Corbyn using a lift.

Nothing about Johnson is sincere.  He was taught to be a puppet.  Eton’s main purpose is to produce focussed puppets who will accept any money offered to perform.  That is why it produced so many Hollywood actors.  Johnson’s acts are as intentionally distracting from reality as those of fellow Etonians Damian Lewis and Benedict Cumberbatch.

There is insufficient discussion, debate or analysis by professional observers of Johnson and his cabinet of pleurisities and Brexit.  He is getting away with it.  He knows his persona and attitude will allow him to get away with it because he knows the professional hacks and commentariat will allow him to do so.

Meanwhile, Johnson and his decepticons, or their string operators at various hard-right economically libertarian think-tanks like Institute of Economic Affairs, Centre for Policy Studies and Tax-Payers’ Alliance, are arranging catastrophically destructive deals, via Trump and his cronies, with the lowest gutter-dwelling exploitative tax-avoiding businesses.  

For the people of Britain, the consequences of a Johnson-led no deal Brexit will be significantly worse than most people – opponents of it – predicted.  The gurning Etonian Prime Minister intends to give everything away, permanently.  The initial short, sharp shock of departure will be a mere tap compared to the carpet-bombing that will follow over months and years.

The basic consequences of Johnson’s handover of Britain will include

  • NHS sliced up and handed to made-up healthcare businesses as cash cows leading to multi-tier health service dependent on ability to pay
  • Police replaced by untrained, underpaid private security employed by made-up tax-haven based businesses like G4S
  • Disappearance of social care
  • Increase in prisons and prisoners; prisons will be staffed and administered by made-up businesses as cash cows: More prisoners = more profits
  • Removal of remaining access to legal aid
  • Removal of workers’ rights for pay, hours, holidays, sickness benefits, dismissal tribunals and health and safety
  • Closure of remaining public libraries and museums
  • Closure of public parks and handover to private tax haven based landowners
  • Removal of council home tenants from their homes and handover of properties to tax haven based property owners
  • State schools replaced by academies and free schools owned by tax haven based made-up businesses leading to reduction in quality of education
  • Removal of minimum wage
  • Increase in capability of wealthiest people to avoid paying any tax
  • New laws to prevent governments from cancelling or avoiding privatisation of vital public services
  • Welfare benefits replaced by loans
  • Steep rise in pension age
  • Military conscription alongside privatisation of armed forces
  • Variety of scams to reduce voting
  • Severe restrictions on protests, demonstrations and pickets
  • Criminalisation of strikes and other industrial action by workers
  • Cancellation of all renewable energy projects and concomitant increase in fracking regardless of environmental effects
  • Tax cuts for wealthiest alongside increases in VAT, council tax and national insurance contributions for those with least income
  • Withdrawal from all international human rights legislation and laws

However, all that the media offers in criticism are worries about lorry queues in Kent and quibbles about the veracity of Johnson’s claim about pork pies.  The pork pie lie by Johnson was a simple distraction.  It worked because he knew the media would happily choose to mock him for that little porky pie about porky pies as a means of dodging discussing the real consequences of a no deal Brexit.

Boris Johnson (left) and Donald Trump at G7 meeting

Johnson and his mob intend to give Britain away and then abscond.  They intend to turn Britain into private property of faceless tax haven based criminals where everybody living here is renting their lives, from cradle to grave.  The Tories’ aims are the wet dreams of the filth at the aforementioned right-wing think-tanks and their anonymous donors.  They will bring to an end Britain’s status as a country.  Johnson is the ultimate traitor and he learnt it all at Eton.

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Boris Johnson: Etonian conman

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