Boris Johnson and his gang will try anything to get no deal

Many people many times noted that cliff-fall no deal Brexit will hand a few financial extremists a multi-billion pound windfall via disaster capitalism and market gambling.  Complete destruction of public service infrastructure, human rights and legal rights will follow if the Tories remain in power.

The prize for beneficiaries of no deal will be so huge and no deal Brexit will be such a rare type of event in the capitalist world that every effort will be made by protagonists to do it regardless of consequences for the majority, regardless of legality, regardless of the effect on the existence of the UK as a country and regardless of personal inconveniences for partaking politicians and their advisers.

Proroguing parliament (and then bringing forward the start date of the prorogation), a sly call (or two) for a general election, strange absence of tellers in parliament leading to an incorrect vote and attempts to filibuster debate in the House of Lords could be followed by the Tory government refusing to follow law that states an extension to the Brexit deadline must be sought, refusing to appoint an EU commissioner as a ruse to encourage the EU to eject the UK, refusing to abide fully by a court order to cancel or reduce prorogation and calling a vote of no confidence in itself.

There will be no limit to what will be tried because of the size of the prize and it’s once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. 

The aims of enablers and recipients of no deal Brexit include utter destruction of British civic society.  The result will be annihilation of everything that separates British society from medieval feudalism with the single update being the exploitative “owners” of land and property will be offshore.

Prorogation began this week (September 9th).  During parliament’s suspension MPs will be unable to use any parliamentary procedure or constitutional procedure to stop the government’s behaviour; Johnson and his cabinet colleagues will not have to answer any questions put to them by MPs; select committees are suspended; parliament will have no opportunity to stop or query the hundreds of millions of pounds being spent by the government on promotion of and propaganda for no deal Brexit.

The government said it will not ask for an extension to Brexit deadline, currently 31st October, even though a law passed this week compelled it to do so.  Equally, it is unlikely to abide by another law passed this week that demanded publication of the Yellowhammer report and publication of all government communications related to planning for prorogation.

A possible obstacle to an extension to the Brexit deadline is if not every member state of the EU supports it.  Some countries with far-right governments could be persuaded/paid by the Tories to obstruct an extension.

Boris Johnson’s special adviser Dominic Cummings

Johnson’s special adviser Cummings views law as optional and, often, as an obstacle.  Johnson was trained at Eton College to follow instructions from representatives, like Cummings, of financial extremists.  The rest of the cabinet share Johnson’s understanding of for whom they work which is definitely not the British people.

MPs from other parties (and some Tory MPs), barristers, judges and a variety of well-intentioned experts can offer correct legally sound arguments against the Tory government’s behaviour but the latter do not care because they are focussed on an objective with no concern whether tactics used are lawful or within parliamentary rules.

The current Tory government is a criminal organisation and they should be treated as such by everyone.

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Boris Johnson and his gang will try anything to get no deal

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