Liberal Democrats have nothing but the comfort blanket of Remain

Liberal Democrat party had a conference this week.  

Sam Gyimah and Jo Swinson

The Lib Dems have one election campaign policy: Remaining in the EU.  That is all.  They have nothing else.  The party gave up pretending to be a sensible political party with a plan for everything.  It decided to adopt the same tactic as The Brexit Party with opposite intent for Brexit.  The methodology is the epitome of populism and admittance of a lack of confidence in any political position on anything else.  (In EU parliament elections Liberal Democrats made gains and that relative success was a consequence of its single-issue focus as was the greater success of The Brexit Party but EU election success does not transfer to a general election: In 2017 general election The Brexit Party’s forerunner UKIP had zero MPs elected.)

The party conference was devoid of substance.  (Occasionally valid) criticisms of Boris Johnson’s drive for a disastrous no deal Brexit were accompanied by bad counter-plans including favouring a second referendum over a general election.  

There were many snarky and fact-free comments about Jeremy Corbyn and his colleagues much of which echoed the drivel of defunkt Change UK some of whose members had taken their democracy theft into the Liberal Democrats.  In particular, the neither-them-nor-the-other philosophy espoused by various speakers was insipid, uninspiring and intrinsically dishonest.   

Liberal Democrat party’s complicity with and shared guilt for Tory austerity will never be forgotten.  Its current leader Jo Swinson was a key protagonist in the imposition of murderous austerity policies in the 2010-2015 coalition government; she has no regrets about her contribution to Social Murder and would happily repeat it.

This year the party stole constituencies from other parties, Labour and Tory, thereby demonstrating its utter contempt for democracy as tens of thousands of voters in those constituencies were cheated out of their votes.  It is the party of democracy theft.

Liberal Democrat party is analogous to that drawer wherein anything was tossed that didn’t fit anywhere else such as buttons whose garment has been forgotten, keys whose locks are unknown, manuals for discarded kitchen appliances and a variety of screws but, ultimately, everything in it is needless and rubbish.  

As a serious political party Liberal Democrats expired. 

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Liberal Democrats have nothing but the comfort blanket of Remain

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