Mainstream insincerity and hypocrisy

Yesterday (September 22nd 2019) former Labour MP and current democracy thief Ian Austin was spotted hovering, loitering and lurking outside the Labour party conference in Brighton.  His presence caused some passing interest, accompanied by laughter.  The reason for his behaviour was explained when Mainstream announced it had launched itself “at the start of the Labour Party conference in Brighton.”

Ian Austin (left) lurking in Brighton

Extremism versus respectable politics
Mainstream intends to “banish extremism from British politics once and for all” and “encourage a return to respectable and responsible politics.” 

Mainstream will focus on combating all forms of extremism in public life” but its literature has no specific mention of right-wing extremism.  It discusses only left-wing “extremism” and, further, only left-wing views that are not extreme.  

Labour Party members want to sack the Queen, abolish Britain’s borders and nuclear deterrent and support a general strike to bring down the government.  They also blame Britain, rather than the IRA, for terrorist attacks in Northern Ireland and dislike the national anthem, according to a poll that reveals the prevalence of extremist views in Labour’s ranks.” – Labour members

Marxist zealots have seized control at every level since Jeremy Corbyn became leader and are poisoning the debate with their hardline views.” – Doing a Hard Left

Both quotes above were from Mainstream articles that were based on articles in Murdoch newspapers.

“[Mainstream] will highlight how public debate has been poisoned by increasingly hard-line views out of touch with mainstream public opinion” but its vision of “mainstream politics” is one where like-minded conservatives (small ‘c’) indulge in fake battles like the good old days of Cameron versus Blair versus Clegg.

Disagreement was always possible, but within the realms of respectful and responsible debate.  It felt as if we shared the same mainstream patriotic outlook, even if we disagreed with each other on the best way to achieve a better society and a more prosperous economy.” – About Mainstream

Mainstream promotes the absence of politics.  It wants technocratic government with no disapproval or dissent.  It is very conservative.  Its intent is to stop socialism.  

Mainstream voices
The wall of stupid at Mainstream is an unsurprising collection.

Ian Austin stole a parliamentary seat from Labour and stole votes from Labour voters when he left Labour in February but refused to call a by-election.  His daily peremptory attacks on Jeremy Corbyn and his colleagues are notoriously petulant.

Ivan Lewis left Labour last year prior to an internal party investigation into his behaviour but he did not call a by-election.

Mike Gapes and Ann Coffey left Labour in February and joined Independent Group, later Change UK.  Neither called a by-election.

All four former Labour MPs above are democracy thieves.  They stole parliamentary seats, they stole voters’ votes and their theft continues.  Their opposition to and avoidance of democracy contradicts Mainstream’s support for a Britain that “has long had a strong democracy.”

Eric Pickles and Norman Lamb were members of the Tory/Lib Dem coalition government that started the destruction of society that continues today.

Former Labour MP Michael McCann is director of Israel-Britain Alliance, a political organisation that promotes the opinion of the Israeli government.  This sarcastic comment revealed his perspective clearly: McCann sarcasm

Also included are rabbi Jonathan Hughes, actress Maureen Lipman and light entertainment side-kick Rachel Riley.

Comments from the ten named members were blandly on point and screamed hypocrisy.

I view the emergence of Mainstream as a breath of fresh air.” – Coffey (who now, presumably, does not feel Change UK smells so nice)

Those of us with the good fortune to live in a democracy have an obligation to call out extremism” – Gapes (who doesn’t practice the democracy he claims to support)

I am proud to join a cause bringing civility and decency back into the political discourse.” – Lewis (who dodged a Labour party investigation into alleged indecent behaviour)

[I] saw firsthand both extremism and radical ideas overtake one of world’s great political parties.” – McCann (He meant socialism.)

It is most refreshing to see a new organization whose aim is to come together on consensus based ideas that connect people across the political spectrum.” – Lamb (who was an MP in a party whose campaign promises in 2010 were binned after the election and it did whatever the Tories asked for)

Mainstream is precisely the type of movement we need to push back on this [antisemitism], and other, disturbing trends” – Pickles (who was an minister in two governments that used division and prejudice as political tools)

Who would have thought we’d be seeing extremism and racism in politics in this day and age?” – Austin (who accepted a job as trade envoy to work for Tory government that actively promotes division, xenophobia and prejudice)

Now is the time for decent people to stand up and fight back [against racism]” – Riley (whose method of fighting is to be abusive on social media toward non-racists followed by attempts to sue anyone who objected to her behaviour)

Mainstream announced its formation in The Sun newspaper.  The Sun, during Murdoch’s ownership, has relentlessly promoted, encouraged and used racism, xenophobia and bigotry but Mainstream had no problem being associated with that because it is wholly insincere about its aims of tackling extremism and racism.  Hypocrisy is the key component of Mainstream’s propaganda.

De-evolution from Change UK to Mainstream
Change UK’s false mantra was a home for the “politically homeless.”  It positioned itself as a new type of party and advanced from current politics.  It pretended to be a party for evolved future of politics.  Mainstream is a movement of false nostalgia.  It pretends to pine for an imaginary political theatre where everyone was nice, honest and decent.  

The retreat from the future to the past was inevitable.  Without vision, invented history is the next comfort blanket to reach for.

Mainstream is an anti-socialist cadre of loud-mouthed nasty ignorant dishonest charlatans who think they found a gap in the talking head market for their incoherent vitriol.  Its target is the leftward tendency of Labour.  Its tactics are relentless lies, misrepresentation and provocative libel including continuous false accusations of antisemitism.

The Mainstream mob’s language, phraseology and political descriptions are melodramatic and childlike.  It is difficult to be sure who is the intended audience for its propaganda given how absurd and daft it is.

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Mainstream insincerity and hypocrisy

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