Likely Tory lies at 2019 party conference

Tory conference starts on Saturday (Sept. 28th) in Manchester.  Its speakers will splurge forth a torrent of lies, misdirection and confidence tricks.  Below are a few obvious lies that will be ejaculated and their respective translations and corrections.


LIE: “We will spend a lot of money on education.”


  • Some already assigned funds will be re-assigned and declared as new funds
  • A lot of public money will be handed to free schools and academies; it will be siphoned off by the schools’ owners many of whom are Tory donors


LIE: “We will spend a lot of money on the NHS.”


  • Some already assigned funds will be re-assigned and declared as new funds. 
  • A lot of public money will be handed to privateers posing as healthcare providers; a small percentage of the money will be spent on healthcare
  • New costs for users of the NHS will spring up everywhere


LIE: “We will fund nursing with a grant for extra training in order to increase the number of nurses.”

TRUTH: Said grant is a tiny fraction of the nursing bursaries removed by the Tories that led to a huge drop in the number of people training to be a nurse.


LIE: “We will build forty new hospitals.”


  • Six hospitals will have some refurbishment and the costs will be met from existing budget
  • Almost all of the hospitals are in Tory constituencies or in marginal constituencies 


LIE: “Conservative Party created the NHS.”

TRUTH: Labour Party created the NHS.  Tory MPs voted against its creation.


LIE: “We will reduce taxation for everyone.”


  • Inheritance tax will be abolished to benefit the wealthiest
  • Council tax will rise high above inflation


LIE: “We will hire twenty thousand new police officers.”


  • Since 2010 twenty thousand police officers have been lost due to Tory cutbacks
  • It takes several years to train a police officer
  • The Tories will use under-trained and under-paid security staff and claim they are police officers
  • Hundreds of police stations were closed by Tories and handed cheaply to property developers


LIE: “Universal Credit helps people into work.”


  • Universal Credit was designed to cause destitution, debt, homelessness and death as part of Tories’ Social Murder policy
  • People with severe disabilities and people with chronic illnesses, including people with fatal illnesses, will continue to be forced to be available for work they cannot do and then left to starve


LIE: “We will raise the Living Wage.”


  • It is the Minimum Wage relabelled as the Living Wage
  • The rise does not take inflation (or Brexit) into account
  • Employers are able to bypass the minimum amount and pay less without consequences
  • It is an hourly rate and includes no guarantee of hours of work
  • The Tories stated the rise will occur “provided economic conditions allow.”


LIE: “We will support the men and women of the armed forces.”

TRUTH: Military veterans with disabilities (physical or mental) caused by military conflict will continue to be left to die on the street.


LIE: “We will promote social mobility.”

TRUTH: Costs of higher education and interest rates for student debts will continue to rise.


LIE: “There is no place in this country for animal cruelty..”


  • Fox-hunting is supported by the Tories
  • Badger-culling will continue for no scientific reason
  • No deal Brexit would mean removal of legislation that protects live animals


LIE: “We will give billions in aid to developing countries to help tackle climate change.”


  • Some already assigned aid will be re-assigned and declared as new aid
  • Aid will be accompanied by political restrictions imposed on recipient countries including commitment to adhere to particular policies
  • Most of the money will be redirected back to businesses outside the recipient countries
  • The intent of the aid policy will be to blame developing countries for climate change


LIE: “No deal Brexit is an opportunity to establish new trading links with the whole world for the benefit of everyone.”


  • No deal Brexit will benefit a tiny elite of wealthy people via disaster capitalism, market gambling and giveaway of public service infrastructure
  • Public services will deteriorate rapidly and public spaces will disappear
  • Britain will become a tax haven for the wealthiest and everyone else will rent their lives


LIE: “We believe in upholding the law.”

TRUTH: The Tory government will break the law whenever it wants to.


For more lies please check the twitter account of Tory chairman James Cleverly (above).

Likely Tory lies at 2019 party conference

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