Geoffrey Cox: Conman and coward

Today, Geoffrey Cox, the Tories’ Attorney General, delivered an absurd performance in the House of Commons in response to an Urgent Question on the Supreme Court’s decision to cancel the government’s prorogation of parliament.  Cox took the question because he had given advice to Boris Johnson that the prorogation would be lawful.

Cox was unapologetic about his (alleged) legal advice to the Prime Minister that was rejected as unlawful unanimously by the Supreme Court.  He admitted no guilt and he offered no explanation.  Caught out as incompetent, dishonest and wholly unfit to occupy the role of Attorney General, he ignored the Urgent Question and adopted the usual strategy of an exposed criminal by launching a fake attack on his opponents as a ruse to shift attention.

Cox’s vitriol at opposition parties and some ex-members of the Tory party, who had had the whip removed by Boris Johnson after they voted against the government, focussed on the fact they had declined to agree to a general election.  Cox was aware that the reason the election call was rejected was because, rightly, opposition parties do not trust the Tories to not sneak through a no deal Brexit after an election had been called.  He pretended to not be aware of that fact.

They could agree to a motion to allow this House to dissolve, but they are too cowardly.” 
This spineless gang on the [opposition] frontbench.”
Denying the electorate the chance of having its say this Parliament is a dead Parliament.  It has no moral right to sit on these green benches.”

It is beyond doubt that the sole reason Johnson tried to call an election was to enable a sneaky, underhand, cowardly no deal departure after parliament was dissolved ahead of the election.  This Tory government will try anything regardless of legality or fairness to attain a cliff-fall no deal Brexit because its donors would be among the few who would benefit hugely while the vast majority of people would have their lives affected negatively.  

As a performance, Cox’s behaviour and comments were not for the House of Commons; they were for Brexiteers beyond parliament.  He was rabble-rousing a mob, deliberately stupidly and deliberately dishonestly.  

Geoffrey Cox

Cox gave illegal advice to Boris Johnson.  He, Johnson and their gang were exposed as having behaved unlawfully by the Supreme Court.  Cornered like a rat, Cox’s response was a deluge of conmanship and cowardice.  He is unfit.  He should be disbarred.

Geoffrey Cox: Conman and coward

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