Luciana Berger and Liberal Democrat General Election plan for marginal seats

Luciana Berger’s justification for theft of a parliamentary seat in February was her claim that voters voted for her not for Labour (in 2017).  But, seven months later, after switching again – to Liberal Democrats, and again not calling a by-election, she said

It became clear there was not a groundswell of support for something new at that time.  I am joining Jo Swinson and the Liberal Democrats today, in the national interest, to offer a vital, positive alternative to Johnson and Corbyn and help build a future that our country deserves.  I’m excited by Jo’s leadership and want people to have something positive to vote for not just the least worst option.  It’s time to break up the tribal two-party system.”

That is, she decided a second time that she knew what the voters in Wavertree wanted even though she admitted that she was wrong about what they wanted in February.  

What the voters in Wavertree want is a Labour MP because that is what they voted for the last time they had an opportunity to vote.  Berger stole the constituency of Wavertree in February depriving the voters who elected a Labour MP of the representation for which they voted.  She stole the seat from Labour, she stole votes from Labour voters and she is stealing a parliamentary salary.

With a general election looming later this year she was selected as a Liberal Democrat candidate.  But, not in Wavertree.  Even though she declared that voters in Wavertree supported her two decisions to switch parties she decided not to try to be re-elected there.  Her behaviour displayed utter contempt for democracy, for parliament and for voters.

Spoiler candidate for marginal seats
Luciana Berger was selected as the Liberal Democrat candidate for the Finchley and Golders Green constituency for the next general election.  It is a marginal seat but it is a Tory/Labour marginal seat.  In 2017 general election Mike Freer won with a 1657 majority over Labour.  Liberal Democrats were a distant third and are extremely unlikely to win in an election this year.  So, why was Berger chosen as the candidate for a seat she will almost certainly not win?

The Liberal Democrat plan for the next general election, aside from holding their current (elected) seats and trying to win Tory/LibDem marginals, will be to receive enough votes in Tory/Labour marginals to ensure that Labour lose to the Tories in each such seat.  The second phase of the plan will be to form another coalition with the Tories. 

Berger was selected as a spoiler candidate in a Tory/Labour marginal because she is relatively well-known, has easy access to compliant media and demonstrated her willingness to eschew principle and integrity. 

Her final act as a politician in the next general election will be to help the Tories hold the Finchley and Golders Green constituency.  That will be the final part of her interview for post-politics income.

Luciana Berger (right) and Jo Swinson

Who’s using whom?
Is the Liberal Democrat party using Berger or is she using them?  Both are using each other, happily and with full knowledge of the other’s intent.  Lib Dems will dutifully help their friends in the Tory party to cling onto or win Tory/Labour marginal seats and Berger will show further how committed she is to blocking socialism to impress potential employers. 

As ever, the voters are being used without consent or gain.

Regular readers will have noticed that most of the contents of this blog were copied and pasted from another blog – Chuka Umunna and Liberal Democrat General Election plan for marginal seats.  That was both deliberate and unavoidable.

Luciana Berger and Liberal Democrat General Election plan for marginal seats

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