Brexit Riots?

Boris Johnson’s government will try any trick to achieve its aim of no deal Brexit.  Disaster capitalists, market gamblers and other parasites would receive a huge windfall at the expense of everyone else if no deal Brexit happens.  For them it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the largest quick buck they could ever make.

The Tories have shown how much they are willing to break the law and by-pass parliamentary procedure to enable no deal and they will continue to do so.  Nothing is beyond them because they have no interest in what is fair, just or lawful.  The no deal prize for their sponsors and for themselves is unlikely to be repeated and is so large that they placed no limit on their trickery.

Predict a riot
Throughout history authoritarian governments used emergency powers if law or rules got in the way of their plans.  Normally, such powers were used (or invented) as a supposed response to public disorder or the possibility of public disorder.  Every time emergency powers were used it was not to deal with riots but to achieve other aims; the riots were convenient for the government.

There is no doubt the Tory government included the imposition of emergency powers, in particular, the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, in its list of possible con-tricks to utilise to impose no deal Brexit. 

Tories and other no deal supporters are demanding riots.  Constant references to “anger” of Brexit voters have been accompanied by surprise that riots haven’t already happened.  Both Johnson and his senior adviser Dominic Cummings responded to reports of threats and violence against opponents of Brexit by saying the threats and violence would stop when Brexit was done which was exactly the same as saying they would continue if Brexit continued to be delayed.

The encouragement of violence against opponents of no deal Brexit incited some people to act.  Examples include

  • A man attacked the parliamentary office of Labour MP Jess Phillips and yelled violent threats
  • Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was punched on the head
  • People’s Vote activist Femi Oluwole was struck by a flag-pole by Bruges Group member Niall McCrae
  • MP Anna Soubry was physically harassed by far-right extremist James Goddard close to parliament

More incidents will occur and could be more violent; all would be a direct consequence of the rhetoric of Tories and their fellow no deal supporters.  Violence against opponents is not necessarily the specific intent of the advocates of rioting but they don’t care if it happens. 

“Watching the people get lairy;
It’s not very pretty I tell thee”

An excuse to declare emergency powers drives Tories’ desire for disorder, damage and injury.  This trick has not gone unnoticed.  Labour’s Brexit spokesperson, and former DPP, Keir Starmer said

Whipping up the idea of riots or even deaths if we do not leave the EU on 31 October is the height of irresponsibility.  But it is also pretty obviously being orchestrated.  If this is part of a government plan to misuse powers under emergency legislation, I can assure the prime minister we will defeat him in court and in parliament.”

Knowledge of the Tories’ intent is welcome but it won’t stop them from continuing to make reckless statements that encourage violence.

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Brexit Riots?

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