Pompous prince versus phone-hacking newspapers


It is difficult to decide which side to support.  In one corner are the worst British newspapers, owned by tax-dodgers, full (mostly) of bigotry, lies and stupidity and who indulged in disgusting and illegal phone hacking.  In the other corner is a pompous, thick prince lounging around in luxury at tax-payers’ expense who wants the gossip media to kiss his backside and never criticise him. 

The supercilious prince decided to take legal action against three newspapers years after every other victim of phone-hacking had sued successfully.  Validity for such legal action dissipated over the last decade.  His legal cases are a direct response to how the same newspapers reported on his wife’s separate legal action about the publication of a private letter.  That is, his decision to take action was driven by reactionary petulance.

If he were not a pampered royal then it would be easy to wish him well in his legal cases because the newspapers’ phone-hacking activities were disgusting and their general attitude to news is the opposite of journalism but it is not easy to support someone whose only bruises were to his ego as he gallivanted around the world, at British tax-payers’ expense, creating a faux persona of wise, care-giving overseer.

There is a very important facet to the prince’s legal action.  Suing is very expensive.  In such legal cases the conclusion is often an out of court settlement to cut costs.  Most of the phone-hacking cases were resolved out of court.  Even the wealthiest celebrities put a limit on how much they were willing to spend.  However, the prince has a bottomless pocket of cash to spend supplied non-voluntarily by the British public.  He could just keep going with legal cases through various courts spending money that isn’t his with no concern about fiscal cutbacks elsewhere.

The prince’s motivation is pride.  He was nurtured to believe he is above, different and worthy of praise constantly.  As a person he is an uninteresting, intellectually challenged bore.

If his cases go to court there will be a grotesque pantomime.  One of the protagonists could be professional troll Piers Morgan who was editor of the Mirror.  Morgan would relish an opportunity to raise further his thoroughly undeserved and rancid public profile.  If the prince were to give “evidence” then his performance would be vomit-inducing.

There are many problems with most British newspapers.  All the problems are consequences of their ownership.  Murdoch, the Rothermeres and the Barclays are anti-human filth who have never paid a penny of tax.  They are enemies of society.  However, problems with newspapers won’t be solved by a pompous prince spaffing millions of tax-payers’ money around a courtroom.

Pompous prince versus phone-hacking newspapers

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