A snapshot of Boris Johnson the relentless liar

Voters in Dover received a letter from Boris Johnson asking for postal votes for Tory candidate Natalie Elphick.  The intended recipients of the letter were Tory supporters of leaving the EU and the purpose was a reminder to vote.  (In 2017 general election the seat was won by the Tories with a majority of 6,437.)

Such letters are standard during an election campaign but the words of the Tory Prime Minister showed how relentlessly and blatantly he lies.

(Screenshot of letter at foot of blog)

He began with a plea for votes to ensure a Tory majority because, according to Johnson, there have been “three years of a hung parliament that agrees on nothing except more arguments.”  He forgot to mention that he voted against Theresa May’s withdrawal deal.

Thereafter lies and misdirection occupied every point made in every sentence of the letter.  

Passing our Brexit deal – which is agreed and ready to go from day one.”
The deal agreed with the EU has not completed its progress through parliament and so it is not ready to go immediately.

It projects jobs and trade.”
The current withdrawal deal includes no trade deals, as it is unable to do so, and it has no protections for jobs that could be lost due to Brexit.

It means we can leave the EU by the end of January and it means we can get on with the country’s priorities.”
Leaving the EU is the first step of many not the end point.  If Britain leaves the EU then the consequences of departure – trade deals with the EU – will occupy government time and resources for years.

£33.9 billion extra for the NHS so your hospital and local GPs can give you the healthcare you need.”
There is no extra money or the NHS.  Johnson repeated a lie that was printed on the side of a bus in 2016.  Tories are destroying the NHS via deliberate under-funding and are in negotiations with US private healthcare companies and with US government to further remove access, raise costs and downgrade quality of service.

20,000 extra police officers.”
Tories cut more than 20,000 police officers since 2010 and cut a greater number of necessary support staff and handed police stations to property developers.  It takes a few years to train a police officer.

With the powers they need to keep us safe.”
Powers, not laws?

More funding for every child for every school so your child gets a better education.”
Owners of academies and free schools, funded by tax-payers, siphon off the money received.

A growing economy that creates jobs and pays for our public services.”
A government cannot promise a “growing economy” and even less so after Brexit.  The implication in Johnson’s comment is that if the economy doesn’t “grow” then public services are in greater danger than they are already.

Let’s put the last three years behind us; let’s get Brexit done so the country can finally move on.”
As explained above, Brexit is the start of negotiations not the conclusion.

Britain has spent too long going nowhere spinning around in a hamster wheel of doom.”
As explained above, Johnson voted against May’s withdrawal deal.

Let’s end the delays, get Brexit done with our deal and unleash Britain’s potential.”
See earlier comments.

Everything in Johnson’s letter was untrue and/or a gross misrepresentation.  His presentation of the widrawal deal as a final chapter was the absolute opposite of reality.  He repeated untruths from the Tory manifesto and from the recent Tory conference on NHS, police and education.  The line on a “growing economy” helping public services was both gobbledegook and a threat.

He is a swindler, a conman and a charlatan.  Telling the truth appears to be offensive to him.

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A snapshot of Boris Johnson the relentless liar

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