NHS destruction is a key component of Tory Brexit

Today (November 27th 2019) Labour Party published an unredacted document that revealed details of Tory intent with respect to the NHS and any post-Brexit trade deal with the USA.  In particular, the document showed Tories’ willingness to negotiate anything as part of such a trade deal. 

(The document was online for a month but British media chose to pretend not to notice it.)

For anyone who views the Tories accurately there was nothing surprising in the document’s content.  For Boris Johnson and his gang, Brexit, with or without a deal, will be an opportunity to give away what remains of Britain’s public services.  The Tories prefer the no deal option and the current plan for negotiations if Britain leaves the EU on January 31st would lead inexorably to no deal late next year.

No deal Brexit will be a windfall opportunity for the worst and most destructive parasites.  Disaster capitalists and market gamblers would revel in the planned pseudo-chaotic fire-sale, enriching themselves at everyone else’s expense.  Tories will assist the handover of public services with necessary associated removal of workers’ rights, health and safety regulations and legal protections and rights.

The NHS is the biggest prize the Tories have to hand out.  In USA ill health or injury lead to bankruptcy for patients and wealth for the healthcare industry; for those with insufficient money to pay, death comes early.  US pharma industry, health insurers and healthcare providers make huge profits and they want to do the same in the UK.  The intent of the Tories is to help them as much as they can.  Health Secretary Matt Hancock, like his predecessor Jeremy Hunt did, works for US healthcare industry and for its PR teams including Institute of Economic Affairs.

A key consequence of the Tories’ aims for Brexit is that they do not care about their political futures in parliament.  For the few beneficiaries and their Tory assistants, the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of a bad deal or no deal Brexit overrides the downside of any future problems for the Tory party.  Destruction of the NHS in the next parliament, if the Tories win the general election on December 12th, could annihilate the Tories’ electoral chances in later elections but they don’t care.  Johnson, Raab, Hancock, Rees-Mogg, Patel, Javid, etc. are working for a one-off event and the riches for the few that such an event would produce.  Afterward, they will scarper.

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NHS destruction is a key component of Tory Brexit

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