General election 2019: Humanity versus conservatism

This election is not a game. 

There have been nine and a half years of Tory destruction of society and public services.  

Tories see everything in anyone’s life as an opportunity to enable the enrichment of the wealthiest and most despicable parasites.  People need healthcare, education and, often, some welfare assistance.  People with disabilities need more assistance than others.  Elderly people need more assistance than others.  Tories see the need, they see how vital some public services are and they interpret what they see as a bottomless trough to feed exploiters via privatisation.

For Tories, a disabled person, a chronically or terminally ill person, an injured person, an elderly person in need of care, a child in need of education or a homeless person is just a potential windfall for the elite few inhumane beneficiaries of a corrupt system.  

Via distribution of taxes or costs for individual users, privatisation parasites gorge themselves.  Their supply of unearned income is ceaseless because of the necessity of what people are paying for.  Most of the money handed to the Tories’ friends and clients is not spent on the services for which it is supposedly intended.  It is siphoned off by companies created solely for that purpose and they are assisted fully by the Tories.  Private healthcare businesses, private care services and facilities, private prison and probation services, school academies and private welfare assessment businesses exist only to collect tax-payers’ and/or users’ cash.  It is a scam preying on necessity, on life.  Tories are enablers of exploitation of humanity. 

Effects of Tory ethos toward vital public services are catastrophic.  Destitute people are starving to death, people with disabilities are dying due to removal of vital financial assistance, homelessness is increasing rapidly, once-eradicated diseases resurfaced due to malnutrition, very ill people are dying in under-staffed hospitals while waiting for healthcare and number of suicides has increased due to lack of sufficient mental healthcare.  It is a war on humanity.  It is a cull.

This election is not a game. 

It is not about an extra percentage point of taxation.
It is not about whether or not Trident is replaced.
It is not about how many trees can be planted.
It is not about nationalisation of internet access.
It is not about the dead cats thrown down by Tories and complicit media.
It is not about whether there should be a second referendum on membership of the EU.
it is not about Russian interference in the democratic process.
It is not about what is written on the sides of buses.

This election is about life and death.

A Tory government with a majority after December 12th will enact a Brexit that is intended to collapse to a no deal Brexit.  Subsequently, the Tories will sign deals with voracious gluttons to hand over what is left of the great advances in public services and society made since 1945 alongside empowerment of enhanced tax avoidance for the wealthiest.  The UK will become a tax haven for the elite and everyone else will rent their lives without adequate healthcare, education, welfare provision or homes.

Conservatism is the enemy of humanity.

Vote.  Vote for humanity.


General election 2019: Humanity versus conservatism

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