It’s grimes up north.  Protagonist of various Leave campaign groups, beneficiary of broadcasters’ desire to hand platforms to libertarian hard-right mouthpieces no matter how thick and dishonest the contribution, part-time professional northerner and full-time Git Darren Grimes persists in regurgitating the same tired trashy mantras, clichés and phrases of the hard-right confidence swindler’s handbook. 

Reading like a mini version of the despicable Turning Point fart machine, Reasoned is Grimes’ latest concocted stain created as a ruse to get more airtime and column inches.

It’s/his “mission” is to “challenge the pervasive left-wing bias in online content, much of which originates from the UK’s mainstream media and activist groups.”  Grimes complained that the politics he supports is “cancelled” on twitter.  He didn’t mean banned, he meant his politics is criticised, mocked, debunked, dissected and destroyed because it is nonsense.  Like a typical Git Grimes cannot cope with being exposed as a fraud and his trash being ripped to shreds by intelligent people.  

Echoing the aim of Tory MP Lee Rowley’s Next Generation Capitalism, Grimes is worried that younger people have not been conned or coerced into supporting the destruction of public services, society and community and are not worshipping the gods of extreme free-market capitalist exploitation.

Grimes: “Many people – and particularly younger people – don’t have a view on the merits of conservative values simply because they haven’t been exposed to them.  Advocates of those values need to make the case for them. It is on us to ensure that the next generation is introduced to market-based solutions to the environment, housing and the cost of living crisis.”

Rowley: “The challenge for free markets, and for capitalism, is manifold: the message is tarnished, the frames are poor, and, fundamentally, the moral case for what they achieve is missing.  We need to rectify each of these shortcomings. To do that we need to understand the problem, understand what drives the coming generation, and find ways to remake the argument for an economic system that, however imperfect, is still providing the greatest opportunities in the history of mankind.”

Reasoned is just another label for Grimes and his associates to enable more media access and to make more money.

Update (July 4th)
Grimes uploaded an interview with David Starkey to Reasoned website this week wherein Starkey complained that “slavery was not genocide, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many damn blacks in Africa or in Britain would there?”

As a consequence of his racist comments Starkey was removed from various historical societies and university fellowships.

Grimes’ reaction to criticism of the Starkey interview was extremely dishonest.  He claimed “I am very new to being the interviewer [] I should have robustly questioned Dr. Starkey about his comments.”  See Grimes’ excuse.  But, he also said – after the interview – “they say never to meet your heroes, well, I virtually [online] met one of mine and it was bloody fantastic.”  See Grimes praises Starkey.

Starkey’s disgusting remarks were exactly what Grimes would have wished for from the interview: After the broadcast donations to Reasoned increased including from several well-known far-right characters.

Grimes’ post-interview grifting included a demand for payment from the BBC via a legal threat.  Grimes’ publication of his lawyer’s letter to the BBC was alongside a link to a funding page for Reasoned.  Every far-right bloviator of a demanded right for free speech does an about turn when criticised or exposed and, suddenly, objects strongly against free speech.

The Grimes-Starkey incident followed a familiar pattern of behaviour by far-right grifters:

  • Promote an extreme and offensive viewpoint accompanied by claims of free speech
  • Use the controversy as a tool to increase income
  • Use legal threats to try to stifle free speech criticism of the promotion and to increase income

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