Labour To Win

Relentless insipidity, exhaustive in its reach, is the single maxim of the worthless result of a flaccid copulation between two dire right-wing pressure groups aligned with the Labour Party.

Labour To Win (LTW) was created by Luke Akehurst of Labour First and Nathan Youwell of Progress.  Its intent is to ensure Keir Starmer and his colleagues stay firmly right-of-centre and do not allow any socialist tendency to infiltrate policies and acts and words while in opposition.

LTW’s aims:

  1. Standing up for social democratic values.”
  2. Working together to make Keir Starmer’s leadership a success.”
  3. Building diverse networks of new and existing Labour activists.”
  4. Training and educating the next generation of Labour candidates, activists and campaigners.”
  5. Campaigning for Labour candidates across England, Scotland and Wales.”
  6. Ensuring the strongest voice at all levels of government.”

1) Neither Akehurst nor Youwell possesses any concept of what “social democratic values” are, or what “values” are.  Their intent is to eradicate socialist values.
2) Surely, they would want to “work together” to make Labour a success.  Why only Keir Starmer’s “leadership?”  Did they mean his possible “success” as opposition leader or did they mean his “success” in remaining leader of Labour should there be a leadership challenge?  I suspect the latter.
3) Such networks exist.  But, many such networks are not compatible with Akehurst’s and Youwell’s philosophy.  Their intent is to remove and replace.
4) The key aim.  “Training and educating” meant indoctrinating with right-of-centre politics and making sure socialist thoughts are erased.
5) Why would they not campaign for all Labour candidates?  (Progress, Labour First and like-minded activists campaigned against strong Labour candidates in December 2109 general election.)
6) The voice of Labour First and the voice of Progress have always been purposefully weak voices.

LTWaims to bring members together who share the belief that the party must change radically if we are to return to being election winners.  We are committed to building the broadest possible coalition with everyone of goodwill who believes a better future is possible for Labour and the country.”

Labour “changed radically” after the horrendous 2015 election defeat and did significantly better in 2017 election.  The failure in 2019 election was partly due to Brexit and partly due to Labour being undermined by its own MPs and by characters like Akehurst and Youwell.

LTW has no interest in the “broadest possible coalition” in Labour; that claim is a reversal of truth.  Who are “everyone of goodwill?”  What will be the recipient of the “goodwill?”  Who decides whether someone has sufficient “goodwill?”

Akehurst and Youwell published a statement on LTW’s launch.  It was a concoction of misrepresentation, lies and abuse and began by comically describing Starmer’s election as an “historic turning point.”

A paragraph on Jeremy Corbyn’s tenure as leader was particularly estranged from facts and truth:

The past four and a half years have been a miserable experience for many of us who have committed their lives to the advance of democratic socialism and social democracy.  Many long-standing members and supporters fell away as they could no longer stomach the factionalism brought by the hard-left, the abusive – sometimes vicious – behaviour, antisemitism, and denigration of Labour’s past achievements that have poisoned the party and made it unelectable in the country.”

The “many of us” who “committed their lives to the advance of democratic socialism” did not include anyone at Labour First or at Progress, two organisations whose existence is driven by hatred of socialism.  “Many long-standing members and supporters” did not fall away.  A few right-wing bloviates left but membership increased hugely.  By “denigration of Labour’s past achievements” did the two amigos mean the Iraq war?

Akehurst and Youwell said Labour should “work with government” to fight Covid-19.  The Tory government’s policies on Covid-19 are extremely reckless, stupid and uncaring, and are leading to thousands more deaths but LTW are unperturbed by that.  They pretended to claim that Starmer’s reluctance to criticise the Tories re. Covid-19 pandemic will instill statesmanship on him in the public’s eyes.

Despite wanting to”create a forum for the debate and dissemination of new ideas and policies” LTW also plans to “provide a space in which old members, new members, rejoiners and those let down by Jeremy Corbyn can find support and encouragement.”  Poor centrist lemons must be in need of consolement.

LTW is a void.  Hatred of socialism is its single aim.  It reeks of desperation.  Akehurst and Youwell are two decrepids trying to start a fire by farting on a wet stick.

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  1. – but nobody has any concept of what “values” are. Blair used the word all the time; it is totally vacuous. When I hear people speaking about “values”, Socialist or otherwise, I count my spoons.

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