Parler: A safe space

Right-wing bloviators need an audience and they need verbal catalysts from opponents to spur them but what they cannot resist successfully are logical, peremptory and detailed destructions of their flimsy mendacious arguments.  In a politically broad exchange with well-informed and skillful adversories, a right-wing voice is easily and swiftly undressed and discarded.   A bloviator’s reaction to being dismissed so completely is to emit a cry of anguish at being “cancelled.”

cancelled adj. Subjected to sustained and erudite criticism that obliterates a political view, normally applied to far-right screaming heads after their vacuous arguments were destroyed

The characteristics of typical right-wing screaming heads’ contributions to debate are necessarily dishonest and evasive, due to the hollowness of their arguments, and are aggressive, rude and offensive.  However, their predominant characteristic is cowardice: They abhor being made to look ignorant, petulant and inept; that is, they are in constant fear of being exposed as frauds.

Parler is a twitter-style social media platform created as a safe space for sensitive right-wing activists, journalists and politicians whereat they are, initially, less likely to endure deserved dismissal from superior intellects and humane morality.  Within the Parler jerk bubble professional trolls and politicians can happily spout alternative facts and espouse prejudice, bigotry and xenophobia with reduced condemnation.  They are cancelled less readily.  It is safer and less stressful.  

Their hope is that their ejaculations on Parler will receive the same exposure on TV and in newspapers that their similar verbal stains on twitter receive, and they are justifiably hopeful.  But, their opponents should not worry about that.  The cowardly retreat to Parler is an admittance of failure.  It is an acceptance by the right-wing that they lost the battle of free speech.  Good riddance.

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Parler: A safe space

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