Conservative and centrist newspaper columnists, radio shockjocks and talking heads on TV retain their predilection for concocted stories and absurd remarks about Jeremy Corbyn and his allies in parliament and elsewhere.  No invented anecdote, bizarre juxtaposition or illogical deduction is too extreme or embarrassing for the (stal)warts of the agendas of The Times, Mail, Talkradio, etc.

Corbyn is an active member of parliament and his supporters’ dedication to social justice has not diminished since he stepped down from the leadership of Labour but he is not a voice of the shadow cabinet’s policy so why do professional gossipers persist in dissecting his daily life and hounding the supporters of his politics?

Some side reasons for the persistence include basic grifting (because dumb gossip sells), eagerness to display solidarity with the Tory government and elite beneficiaries of its policies, and lack of any skill, talent or work ethic to produce good journalism.  However, the principal reason for continuing the mendacious and corrupt attacks that began in September 2015 is a consuming fear of the growing popularity of socialism.

Keir Starmer’s anodyne hollowness has not hindered the growth of interest in a radical overhaul of the entire system of governance.  As Labour leader, Corbyn was a catalyst for change and for the philosophy of enquiry rather than acceptance.  Crucially, the developments he planned if prime minister were only the start of what is needed.  His actions and proposals for change disturbed the political and financial establishments but they have greater fear of the consequences of the political education many people experienced due to a left-of-centre opposition in parliament.  Real knowledge of what socialism is, rather than watered down versions, and re-emergence of intelligent appreciation of Marxism, alongside worldwide solidarity and positive exchange of ideas and analysis, terrify enemies of socialism.

Politicians, journalists and the army of grifting commentators and think-tank alumni are lashing out wildly at everyone and everything.  Any well-known, or not so well-known, socialist writer or activist is a target; fabricated stories about Corbyn’s leadership of Labour are plentiful including most recently a bizarre story about honeyed oatcakes; even Karl Marx and Leon Trotsky are being subjected to the weakest of criticism.  None of the attacks have validity and none is enacted from a position of knowledge.  If the vanguard of the onslaught against socialism in Britain includes gittery of Douglas Murray, Julia Hartley-Brewer and Darren Grimes, or professional trolls like Matt Chorley, or members of the centrist gloop like Marina Hyde, or insincere con artists like Michael Gove, Ian Austin and James Cleverly then the blows aimed are directionless, soft and ineffective.

Let the enemies loll in their fear.  Their behaviour is a compliment and is recognition that what they support is crumbling.  Enjoy some nice honeyed oatcake.


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