Free Speech Champion: Controlled speech
Free Speech Champion: Key points of government policy proposals
Tory use of voter suppression is another cowardly act
Tories preparing to stop political opponents from standing in elections
Tories preparing to censor revolutionary politics: Bew Report
The Declaration: Principles of the Law Governing the Internet
Internet censorship post-Trump
Social media political censorship is increasing
Gormless Tory MPs send silly letters
GCHQ Director Jeremy Fleming is a threat to privacy and freedom
Tories and censorship of broadcasters: Channel 4 climate debate
Wealthy right-wing celebs try to censor left-wing activism
Cressida Dick blames social media for crime
Small blue bird scares centrist hack
Small blue bird scares centrist hack (part II)
John Woodcock investigates Black Lives Matter
Fight for the right to bray

BDS: Robert Jenrick’s amendment
BDS: Daniel Korski


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