Duplicitous centrists espouse despair at Tories’ behaviour

There were four years and three months (September 2015 to December 2019) of continuous and fallacious attacks by the centrist gloop on the Labour leadership and its philosophy.  Anything but socialism was the gloop’s guiding principle from which they never erred.

absoc n. Centrist politician, activist or journalist who opportunistically supports any political viewpoint or action in order to oppose socialism; acronym of ‘anything but socialism’

However destructive first May and then Johnson and their respective gangs of disreputables behaved, however dishonest they were, however catastrophic were their policies’ consequences, however bigoted, callous and undemocratic they conducted themselves, the fear-riddled centrists always leant purposefully toward denigrating everything (with emphasis on the invented) associated with Corbyn, McDonnell, Abbott etc.  The centrists’ vitriol was relentless and applied irrespective of veracity or logic, and accompanied by contorted excuses and bizarre insincere false hope of what successive Tory governments and their leaders would or could do.

Rawnsley, Freedland, Hyde, Behr, Patterson, Dunt, Toynbee and the rest got what they fought for which was to not have a left-of-centre government.  Their ideal was not for Britain to be misled and mis-governed by a mob of smash-and-scarper Tory criminals but the centrists preferred anything other than democratic socialism.

A new income stream
Now, and more so every day as Britain descends deeper into a Covid/Brexit hole, the same collection of professional centrist hacks have time and column inches to devote to composing adequate satirical pieces on how awful the Tories are.  Less time and space is required for anti-Corbyn polemics, though they still frequent the ether as the oatcakes scandal showed.  Salaries are earnt plentifully via pseudo-erudite expositions of Tory failures and Tory incompetence wherein basic writing skills, including correct use of semi-colons and a soupçon of undemanding comedic allegories, are sufficient to accrue praise from the writers’ bubble and to be placed temporarily atop the twitter trends’ plinth of apotheosis.  Future easy income from light anti-Tory satire was not the motivation for the centrists’ determination to ensure continuation of Tory rule; it is merely a happy consequence for them.  

There may be some smidgens of sincerity floating around the centrist hacks’ plaintive despair at the utterly corrupt syphoning of public money to feed Tory donors’ made-up businesses under the guise of tackling Covid-19 and at the Johnson government’s clear insistence on pursuing a disastrous no deal Brexit, and there may be genuine intent behind the jolly humour of the likes of competent football journalist Marina Hyde’s occasional whimsical forays into political analysis but it all reeks of hypocritical convenience.  

Centre-dwelling enablers of Johnson’s victory in December last year have no shame and display no self-awareness of their duplicity.  They are neither protagonists of nor allies of the battle against the destruction of society being enacted by the Tories.  Believe them the first time they revealed themselves.

Duplicitous centrists espouse despair at Tories’ behaviour

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