Washed-up former part-time itinerant actor and Harrovian flotsam Laurence Fox realised eventually that his shambling career as a thespian provided insufficient unjustified income and he sought a new career as a incoherent ranting far-right turd-projector funded by seedy, secretive, wealthy donors who are always thrilled to employ another gormless bell-end that is psychologically opposed to intelligence, knowledge, logic, morality, integrity and didactic reasoning.

White privileged male Laurence Fox on BBC’s Question Time

A member of the same tinydick club as fellow petulant misogynistic contrarians Jordan Peterson and Michael Daubney, Fox, aged forty-two but with the appearance of an embittered dissatisfied impotent sixty-year-old, grabbed a few slots on TV, including a wholly underserved seat on BBC’s Question Time panel, showed his limp Billy Idol-style sneer at a variety of thick-as-mince right-wing events, and announced the invention of a new political party pronounced Wreck Lame but written Reclaim.

Reclaim may or may not materialise like The Doctor’s tardis in Rose Tyler’s garden.  Like every exposition of Fox’s philosophy, it is possible that it is bollocks.  Most likely, it is yet another excuse to get a far-right screaming head some airtime under the guise of representing something new when it is the same tired old barely-hidden racism expressed tortuously via the most contorted trains of thought imaginable.  Of course, it is also a massive grift for a has-been actor.  If Reclaim’s donors exist they will decide what’s what; not for first time in Fox’s sorry life it will be the piper who calls the tune.

Laurence Fox’s Reclaim and Andrew Neil’s GB News are the latest soulless pustules to sprout with the intent of hammering in an extreme philosophy of prejudice and bigotry, expressed as in-eloquently and dishonestly as possible.  This philosophy seeks to distract the gaze of the disillusioned away from the perpetrators and onto others.  Funded from the mire of high net worth economic thieves who are to blame for the hardship suffered universally and who are desperate that no-one notices their participation in catastrophe, the boils harp their incessant othering while casting themselves perpetually as victims or cancelled as if we are in bizarre opposite world.

Bannonites are oozing out of their slime.  Observing the implosion of the Tories, as Covid-19 and Brexit’s calamitous consequences ruin the country, far-right bloviators are confident there is gap into which they can slither and exhaust with their farts. 

However, Fox lacks aptitude and commitment, and has probably climaxed too soon with the announcement of Reclaim’s existence – there is no general election until 2024.  Perhaps, his financial backers are dunking him in the water to see the volume of response.  He doesn’t seem to be someone who has the wherewithal to persist with a task.  He is a whiner.  He is an actor, offstage and offscreen as well as on.  His entire life has been an act and it deserves a Razzie.  

Reclaim does not have a long term objective to change UK.  It is another expectorated toxin from the far-right’s scattergun.  Duplicitous centrist enablers will accommodate Fox and friends with a few TV and radio platforms, as much for entertainment as anything else, and GB News and Fox will indulge in dionanistic pleasure as both try to reclaim the right to be illiterate ignoramuses.

dionanistic adj. Mutually and closely supportive, conspiratorial and mutually beneficial

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