Mendacious Etonian clown Boris Johnson’s no deal Brexit

No deal Brexit is a tool to lever the destruction of public services.  Free from oversight by the EU, the Tories will sign a “trade deal” with USA that abdicates the British government and hands power to corporations.  

Board of Trade member Dan Hannan co-authored a paper for extremist economic think-tank Cato Institute in 2018 wherein a post-Brexit UK/US free trade deal was defined.  The essence of the proposal in the paper was public services should always behave in a manner that suits commercial interests and not favour the public.  It demanded that governments should have no control over the cost or availability of public services and that laws should exist that prevent governments from acting against commercial interests.

Hannan created a think-tank Initiative For Free Trade (IFT) with former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott who was also appointed to the Board of Trade by Boris Johnson.  IFT exists to promote the ideology of trade deals that put all power in the hands of international businesses and make governments impotent.

Such a trade deal as described by Cato Institute is the sole motivator and sole objective of the Tories’ desire for no deal Brexit. 

To assist the annihilation of public service infrastructure, a no deal Brexit has the bonus consequence of Britain no longer being bound by protections for workers’ rights, human rights, health and safety regulations, environment protection regulations and access to justice. 

Dominic Raab wrote a paper for extremist think-tank Centre for Policy Studies that outlined his aim of severe reductions of workers’ rights.  Without legal protections of EU courts the Tories will be able to enact Raab’s plan.

It is hugely significant that government policy decisions and law changes made recently are attacks on freedom and liberty.  The Covert Human Intelligence Sources bill (CHIS) will lead to a law change that legalises any criminal act by a variety of state agents against any political opponent of the government and includes the capability to cover-up such acts.  The unavailability of EU law and courts makes consequences of the bill possible.

CHIS was created because the Tories know there will be a backlash against policies that attack rights and destroy public services.  That response will come from trades’ unions, left-of-centre political activists, and independent journalists and news outlets, all of whom are intended targets of laws that will result from CHIS.

Home Secretary Priti Patel rabble-roused an audience of police superintendents against environmental campaigners.  She wanted members and supporters of Extinction Rebellion to be cast as criminals and domestic terrorists.  CHIS will allow unrestricted action against them.  Environmental campaigners are a threat to many of the corporations who will benefit financially from the consequences of no deal Brexit.

Opponents of the Tories were warned repeatedly about the intent to pursue a no deal Brexit.  But, despite clear analysis that such a pursuit was the focussed Tory objective and despite regular signposts indicating the direction of the government, the centrists, liberals and soft left continued to bleat about “incompetence” and “mistakes.”  Yes, Tories are utterly incompetent but that shared facet of their personalities is a diversion; indeed, it assists them in following their goal because they are never sidetracked by didactic reasoning or logic.

Boris Johnson is a grotesque poorly-educated badly brought up fool, but he is also a nurtured antisocial opportunist who was taught by both his father and his school to be selfish in the extreme and to always seek to feed the wealthiest.  He is the worst possible choice to be Prime Minister but also exactly what The Uncivilised – the exploiters waiting to gorge themselves after Brexit – want from that position.

Raab, Hancock, Truss, Braverman, Gove, Rees-Mogg, Bridgen, Whately, Cleverly and Patel are, rightly, figures of ridicule for their rancid ignorance and acute laziness but all are doing what their real employers – not the public – require.

The Covid-19 pandemic allowed the Tories to avoid too much criticism of their march toward no deal.  We could have had a whole year of persistent lies, pantomime meetings and cod and insincere analysis of variants of deals.  Fortunately for the Tories, Brexit slipped away from the front of the news. 

On Friday, October 16th 2020, Johnson announced in his usual unprofessional style that a meeting with the EU was cancelled because an arbitrary date to find a deal had passed.  Inevitably, as planned and as demonstrated at the start of 2019 when Theresa May was Prime Minister, Tories blamed the EU for the failure to negotiate a deal.

There are no practical plans for the immediate effects of a no deal Brexit.  At the borders – sea, air and tunnel – there will be mayhem and confusion; in Ireland there is no clarity at all on how the border between Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland will operate or how the air and sea border between Northern Ireland and Britain will be affected. 

In its usual half-cock approach, the government invented a Kent Access Permit procedure for lorries carrying freight with no software system available.  No deal advice for businesses is flimsy, contradictory and utterly inadequate.  There is an abject absence of planning for what would be the most disruptive and far-reaching upheaval in the country since 1939.

After December 31st 2020 some shortages of food stuffs and some steep price rises will occur quickly and ports of all forms of travel will initially be maelstroms.  The rabid nature of stock exchanges and currency exchanges will be the first response of The Uncivilised.  Wealthy individuals and syndicates will make billions in minutes from the sale or purchase of sterling and from hedge betting.  But, the worst consequences of no deal Brexit will not be felt straight away.  

Gradually, but without pause, the entirety of public services will be handed to private businesses, most of which will have been invented for the purpose of accepting free money and infrastructure and will subcontract all work to others while creaming off the majority of the public cash given to them.  Most public services staff will be on zero hours, low pay and with all workers’ rights removed.  Users of the public services will receive vastly reduced services and, where payment is required, vastly increased prices.

Technically, the NHS will remain “free at point of contact” but the variety of medical procedures available will be greatly reduced and there will be much longer waits for operations and assessments.  Medical staff will also lose permanency of their jobs and workers’ rights.

As stated earlier, loss of access to EU courts will mean legal challenges to quality of public services and to loss of workers’ rights will not be possible, and political challenges will be able to be suppressed due to loss of legal rights and to laws resulting from CHIS.

In the Westminster and professional media bubbles arguments against Johnson’s no deal Brexit remain (no pun) weak: The Tories are depicted (correctly) as incapable, ignorant and reckless, but there is little or no time and space used to explain precisely why they are pursuing such a “reckless” strategy, or who they work for.  There is reluctance by the bubbles to admit that the “recklessness” is actually deliberate focussed intent and that the desired outcome is disaster: Disaster capitalists are called that because they benefit from disastrous economic events.

Behaviour of Tory MPs, in interactions with the media and in the House of Commons, is becoming increasingly petulant, flippant and dismissive.  They never cared and lies have always been the norm but, as they see their endgame in sight, their enthusiasm for pretence at being a government is dissipating.  They needn’t bother anymore.  

Tories’ response to Covid-19 pandemic is to give billions of pounds to private businesses, supposedly to provide various pandemic-related services, and most of the money is not used for equipment, testing or staff but disappears into infinitely deep pockets of corporate trousers.  Recipients include businesses that don’t really exist or else just subcontract work or act as recruitment agencies.  The money handed out is borrowed from the same financial exploiters who benefit from the contracts awarded.  The Tories are happy to saddle future governments and the public with the debt.

The Covid contracts scam is a pointer to how Tories will behave after Brexit, particularly regarding the NHS.  They rob the public now but also rob the public for the future via debt accrued, like bank robbers who not only clean out a bank but also magically remove all future deposits in the bank.

As public services disappear, jobs disappear, pensions disappear, rights evaporate and access to legal redress is erased, Tories will seek to retain sufficient support by blaming anyone but themselves and by orchestrating a continuous barrage of extreme othering wherein they will ramp up unboundedly their encouragement and persuasion of prejudices, bigotry and division.

The extent of Tory targetting for the benefit of distraction will be limitless: Immigrants (from EU and elsewhere); descendents of immigrants; any political activist who is not a classical libertarian; anti-racists; environmental campaigners; any lawyer, barrister or judge seeking to uphold what is left of the law; non-client journalists and news outlets; teachers, university professors and other academics; doctors and scientists.

The attacks on the integrity of their targets will be a small part of the assault.  Be clear that the othering will not be restricted to propaganda helped by client journalism. 

New laws, some of them corollaries of CHIS, will censor journalism and teaching; instructions for teachers by the government included recently the rule that “schools should not under any circumstances use resources produced by organisations that take extreme political stances on matters.  Examples of extreme political stances include a publicly stated desire to abolish or overthrow capitalism.”

Alongside censorship of teaching there will be impositions of particular political perspectives in education.  Under the fraudulent pretext of protecting “free speech” the Tories intend to force universities to yes-platform far-right extremists with the penalty of restricted funding if they refuse to comply.

Casting political opponents as “domestic terrorists” is a common feature of authoritarian governments when the foundations of their philosophy are crumbling.  Patel adopted that approach in her aforesaid speech to police on environmental campaigners, and the Prevent system targets climate change activists.  Vitriol by Tory MPs directed at Black Lives Matter campaigners will be enhanced by suppression.

The treatment of Julian Assange – absence of justice, manipulation of law and legal process by the judge, and the physical privations – should be a warning to everyone about how far and how easily and brazenly the Tories will act.

Useful opposition will not be produced by liberals who, when they talk about creeping fascism, focus on their concern for erosion of democracy.  However, if an elected government changes the law via bills through parliament then resulting effects are not “undemocratic.”  State agents acting within laws created by CHIS are not being “undemocratic.”  The Tories have an eighty-seat majority in parliament.  Liberals plead with (unelected) peers and with (unelected) supreme court judges to override Government decisions.  Democracy or not is not the battle.  Politics is.

Insulated centrists and liberals do not care about the human effects of a severe Brexit.  An extremist government, within a democratic context, suits the centrist gloop because they can position themselves as illusory opponents and enjoy the centrist grift with shaky surety that they are way down the list of targets.  They will be lining up to appear on new far-right TV channel GB News to “debate” with screaming heads and then self-congratulate on a “debate” won, a “debate” of no importance whatsoever.

Who can stop the Tories?  They will not place any barrier upon themselves.  The EU cannot stop them and have no patience left.  Starmer’s Labour, House of Lords, the head of state, supreme court, police, and professional media (both right-wing and liberal) will not attempt to stop them and will assist.  Some politicians in Wales and Scotland and some professional media throughout the UK might want to resist but fears for their liberty and loss of livelihoods will prevail.

Asking the Tories to rethink is pointless because they do not care about harmful consequences of no deal.  Invocations of despair at threats to democracy are invalid.  Legal action to dampen the rush toward no deal will be impermissible after December 31st and will become increasingly less possible as Tories continue to change the law to restrict legal obstacles.

The only viable opposition is numbers.

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Mendacious Etonian clown Boris Johnson’s no deal Brexit

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