BBC political hacks swooned at Tory Brexit deal

Boris Johnson’s inept Brexit deal has no positive effects for British people and it does not prevent the Tories from destroying society, human rights and public services including the NHS.  The deal is yet another distraction by Johnson and another con trick.

Displaying an abject lack of shame, some centrist client journalists chose to welcome the deal as if it was a successful consequence of magnificently clever negotiation.  BBC’s ‘political correspondent’ Chris Mason expressed his veneration for Boris Johnson.

Today is a moment of triumph for Boris Johnson.  When he became prime minister, he had no majority, no mandate to call his own, an angry country and an angry Parliament.  Eighteen months, a pandemic and nothing less than a brush with death later, he has won a big majority, got the UK out of the European Union, and now done a deal with Brussels.”  Chris Mason, December 24th 2020

Mason’s colleague Laura Kuenssberg was similarly obsequious.

He has managed to keep perhaps his biggest commitment after taking us out of the European Union – securing a deal – a huge political and personal relief, perhaps, for the man whose name and reputation will be forever linked with the UK’s decision to leave the EU.”  Laura Kuenssberg, December 24th 2020

The behaviour of senior BBC reporters was more than blind support for the Tory government.  Their intent was deliberate misrepresentation and erasure of the awful consequences of the deal including faux positivity that was so unctuous it had exactly the same tone and structure as a news report in North Korea about Kim Jong-Un.

BBC news has declined, intellectually and factually, for a decade but Tim Davie’s appointment as Director-General accelerated the fall multi-exponentially.  It is dead.

BBC political hacks swooned at Tory Brexit deal

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