Brexit: The most lucrative heist in the history of civilisation

When gormless Etonian swindler David Cameron called a referendum in 2016 on UK’s membership of EU he did so because he had promised it in the 2015 general election Tory manifesto in the absence of any cohesive meaningful objectives that the Tories could use to persuade a UKIP-tending subset of the electorate to vote for them. 

Cameron did not care about the referendum.  His alleged campaigning in favour of staying in the EU was lacklustre, lazy and directionless.  As soon as the result was declared for departure Cameron scarpered from No.10 to the backbenches as cowardly as his upbringing and his schooling had nurtured him to be.

Four and a half years after the referendum Brexit looms as a flock of vultures, each too fat to fly but still ravenously eager to feed.  For its wealthy supporters, whose interest in leaving the EU is decades old, the desire for Brexit is not for what follows when Britain is “independent” or “sovereign” but is driven by the benefit (for them) of immediate effects of a calamitous jolt of departure. 

Brexit is an abrupt change of direction where the new direction is irrelevant but the disturbance caused by switching course rapidly, without any preparation, is an opportunity for scammers and racketeers whose financial gain from the losses for the majority could be the most profitable heist in the history of democratic nations.

Hedge funds and currency gamblers love major ructions in the economy of a nation because, as a consequence of sudden changes, there is wealth to be acquired for those with the means and the will to seek it.  Boris Johnson’s good friend Crispin Odey (above) personifies inhuman profiteering from such scenarios.  He bets frequently on the exchange value of the pound against other currencies and always bets on the pound to lose value.  He places such bets just before actions or statements by the Tory government cause a loss of value of the pound.

Former MEP Ben Habib, owner of First Property Group, joined The Brexit Party because he knew a cliff-fall Brexit would enrich the rich.  In 2016, before the referendum, he said “if we get a vote for Brexit and if the commentators are right that sterling will weaken and the markets will go into a degree of volatility, we [First Property Group] will be looking at that as a really great opportunity to buy assets in the UK.  Any volatility would only be an opportunity for small, opportunistic companies such as First Property.”  A year later he announced that “the UK’s decision to leave the EU has created opportunities on which we, as a niche fund manager, are well placed to capitalise.”

Disaster Capitalists are wealthy racketeers who know a major change in political structure can provide them with billions of pounds of unearned income.  A branch of disaster capitalism is devoted to hoovering up public service infrastructure, at low (or no) cost to themselves, that is available because a government is (or claims to be) so short of money that everything must go in a massive fire-sale.  Assisted by the removal of workers’ rights, human rights and access to justice – all of which will be destroyed hurriedly by the Tories once free of EU’s limited protections – the post-Brexit giveaway of what remains of public services in Britain will be swift, reckless, relentless and vicious.

Boris Johnson is an ignorant, heartless Etonian crook who was taught to work for whoever pays the most regardless of integrity, worth or humanity.  He is in the company of similar servants of organised crime.  Michael Gove, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Matt Hancock, Dominic Raab are experienced gofers for those who salivate at the prospect of how much cash and assets they can extract from the British people in 2021. 

Nigel Farage, Richard Tice, Aaron Banks, Ben Habib, Annunziata Rees-Mogg and the rest of The Brexit Party mob have a single aim: Con the public to support an act (Brexit) that will, because a Tory government is in power, feed the wealthy and destroy society.

Ultra-conservative think-tanks, funded by recipients of the elite’s bounty from Brexit, focus on manipulation, obfuscation and extreme misrepresentation of what Brexit is and what it will lead to while inventing false benefits for the public.  Matthew Elliot, Shanker Singham, Fraser Nelson, Neil Record and their colleagues float around think-tanks keeping each group’s focus on a pro-Brexit agenda and making sure politicians’ actions and words are aligned similarly.  Slogans and public discussion points for politicians are devised in these think-tanks.

Newspaper, radio and TV proprietors’ obedient hacks speak and write a tsunami of tripe, some of it regurgitation of think-tank propaganda and some of it wild and bizarre nonsense devised on the hoof.  There is no limit to how dishonest or how stupid a journalist or broadcaster behaves when expressing support for Brexit.  Xenophobia is rampant.

Floating mendacious screaming heads Toby Young, Darren Grimes, Douglas Murray etc. are always ready to spout on any platform and broadcasters, think-tanks and newspapers are always willing to provide platforms.

All characters named above are taking part in a heist.  They are the marketing team and the PR team for thieves and fraudsters.  Britain is being privatised.  We will rent our lives.  

Dominic Raab’s paper on destroying workers’ rights: Escaping The Straitjacket
Board of Trade member Dan Hannan’s paper on destroying public services: The ideal U.S.-U.K. free trade agreement
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Brexit: The most lucrative heist in the history of civilisation

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