List of Tories’ daily misrepresentations of effects of Brexit

Below is a list of some of the Tories’ misrepresentations of effects of Brexit.  Many of the claims describe something that has nothing to do with Brexit.  

The claims are listed in reverse chronological order with the most recent at the top of the list.  The list is added to whenever a new claim is made.

Claim: EU rejected Tory proposals for mutual ease of access for touring musicians between UK and EU.
: EU offered a visa-free system for musicians similar to agreements it has with other non-EU countries but Tories rejected it.

Claim: British fishing industry will benefit from Brexit.
: Fish exporters to the EU face delays and confusion regarding permits and other documentation needed.  The cost of documents coupled with delays for perishable fresh fish has forced many fishing businesses to cancel their exports to the EU.

Claim: Free ports will create jobs.
Fact: Free ports allow major corporations to dodge tax and to operate outside of regulations on workers’ rights and health and safety regulations.  There are free ports in the EU.

Claim: Brexit allowed pulse fishing to be banned.
Fact: EU banned pulse fishing.  Tories’ Brexit deal with EU forced the UK to ban it.

Claim: Brexit allowed removal of VAT on tampons.
Fact: Membership of EU did not preclude removal of VAT on tampons.  Other EU member countries abolished taxes on tampons earlier.  Tories have voted against removal of such taxes during various Tory governments since 2010.

Claim: No delays to freight traffic via Channel Tunnel and port of Dover.
Fact: There are severe restrictions on volume of freight traffic allowed to enter Kent.  Hauliers require a Kent Access Permit to enter the county with fines imposed for those without.  As a direct consequence of severe restrictions on freight traffic, shops and supermarkets ran out of fresh vegetables and fruit most of which are imported into the UK during the Winter.  Lorry drivers were given an incorrect postcode for a lorry park and went to a small village in Kent using roads unsuitable for large vehicles.

List of Tories’ daily misrepresentations of effects of Brexit

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