What did Trump do as president?

Weeks of whingeing, crying and inciting waned to leave an orange husk whose only friends are the desperate. 

Trump will continue to spout his lies, his victimhood and his rousing of the rabble but he cannot make decisions that directly harm the lives of others.  A plethora and variety of legal actions might be taken against him and his awful family but that is not of use to the American people.  From today (January 20th 2021) Trump is once more just a screaming self-publicist, a conman, a thief and the most financially indebted person in the history of civilisation.

What did he do as president?  Not the words, the abuse, the childish meltdowns, the support for racism and white supremacism, the relentless lies, the law-breaking, the treason, the nurtured petulance and the abject opposition to humanity, what did he do or change?  The answer is not much at all.  There is no president of USA who did as little as Trump in four years.  He had no plan.  He couldn’t care less about people.  He couldn’t care less about legacy.  

Trump did not do what he said he would do when trying to win votes in 2016.  The border wall between USA and Mexico was not built, the health system was not changed and industry did not return to the country. 

There are no Trump achievements beneficial to the people of USA.  The few changes he made are all negative and destructive:

  • He gave the wealthiest a huge tax cut
  • He removed environmental protections for the most beautiful regions of USA and, simultaneously, stole land from native Americans
  • He made it near impossible for women to have abortions in some states
  • He installed fanatical extremists in the Supreme Court
  • He went on a killing spree of federal executions

Trump’s ineptitude is so deeply ingrained that he couldn’t even organise a South American right-wing military coup properly and, a few months after the attempt, the people of Bolivia elected a government that shared the socialist philosophy of the government the USA had removed.

Only dopey Etonian Boris Johnson is as callously reckless and stupid in management of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis as Trump was.  Four hundred thousand deaths of American people from Covid were of no interest to him.  He actively encouraged sheer idiocy.  He didn’t care.

Trump is a product of the USA.  His fame was bought, his wealth was partly inherited and mostly stolen.  He created a worthless brand and got other people to pay for it.  Legal and political structures allowed him to thrive, in business, on television and then in politics.  His rise was a consequence of America’s version of democracy and of its constitution.  Trump as president was not an anomaly, it was an inevitability. 

For Trump, being president of the USA was a tool to aid his grift.  Post-presidency, everything Trump does or says will be connected to making money out of his tenure as president.  The American dream embodied.

What did Trump do as president?

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