Very wealthy conservatives will not retire

Conservative bastards have enough money to retire.  For each, a lifetime of exploitation, of theft, of corruption, of accessory to murder and of arrogant, charmless, ugly contempt for humanity brought wealth that exceeds hugely all comfort requirements.  On a tax haven island or in the arsehole of Oxfordshire they could spend their time getting drunk, reading Tatler and brushing horses. 

Rupert Murdoch (90), Norman Tebbit (90), Andrew Neil (71), Frederick Barclay (86), Donald Trump (74), Charles Koch (85) and Maurice Saatchi (74) are among old conservative filth whose maleficent actions and words continue to destroy livelihoods and lives worldwide.    

If the less aged bastards consider themselves too young to retire they do not need to grab more wealth.  David Cameron, Ivanka Trump, Chris Odey, Grover Norquist, Duke Of Westminster, Jeff Bezos, Denise Coates, John Malone and all ultra-exploitation business people and many ex-politicians, the latter trousering decades of “donations” and “consultancy fees” for services rendered, do not want to step away from rampant exploitation, corruption and greed.

In the inverted philosophy of conservative bastardry it is a question of honour to never pause or cease.  Hatred is their deity.  Cruelty is their nectar.  Suffering is their adrenalin.  Their anti-souls would wither if they terminated their destruction because cessation would be a nod to the existence of other lives and they will not admit that anyone else deserves a life.  Their persistence is a psychosis, a disease, a manifestation of anti-humanity.  It is impossible for them to belay their atrocities; it would be out of character.

Leaving the world of destroyers is difficult.  It is tricky to extricate from intertwined business relationships, shared “ownership” of property and land and multi-layered, intersected leverage and indebtedness.  Favours are owed to associates.  Banks need constant income from “investments” and credit.  Protagonists distrust each other; if any stopped, however much apparent “wealth” they had, they would be viewed immediately as potential enemies and could be wiped out. 

The bastards’ key motivation to keep at it is that they enjoy it.  They are hooked on the addictive pleasure of winning, of beating others down and of celebrating success for themselves.  Emancipated hungry people, evictions, exhausted workers and badly beaten protesters are fixes for the addicts as are piles of dead bodies in deserts and drowned souls in the sea. 

Market gambling, currency gambling, buying and selling businesses carelessly, venture and vulture capitalism, and endless availability of credit are thrilling climaxes in the hedonistic orgy of free market racketeering.  Attendees at the orgy are never satiated.  They always want more highs and more ejaculations.  Risk and recklessness are domineering features of their strategy because it is never their livelihoods or wealth that are risked: If they win, they keep the rewards; if they lose, others pay.  They experience the ecstacy of gambling without the fear of losing. 

Power is a exhilarating drug for the bastards: Power to control and destroy lives, power to manipulate elected politicians, power to direct propaganda in the media.  They are pretend gods playing out fantasies learnt at expensive private schools.  The power they were educated to gorge upon is so intoxicating that all human sensibilities are stifled to the point at which the bastards fail to remember they are part of the same species as those whose lives they crush.

Deaths of individual bastards change little.  Recent departures of, for example, David Barclay and David Koch caused a few ripples of uncertainty but did not disrupt the machine of exploitation.  New recruits emerge regularly, fully formed and ready to go.  Networks of facilitating high fees schools, most notably Eton College, and selected university departments funded by existing bastards, including at Harvard, LSE and UCL, create members of various branches required to enact and/or support the system of concentration of wealth.

Conservative bastardry will not cease.  It perpetuates itself and cannot be regulated.  Its elements cannot be reasoned with and they are incapable of being reformed.  Like any disease, worldwide vaccination is needed alongside destruction of the sources, followed by constant vigilance to ensure there will be no re-emergence.

Very wealthy conservatives will not retire

2 thoughts on “Very wealthy conservatives will not retire

  1. Absolutely love your eloquence in describing these bastard Tories and their collective bastardly greed and contempt for others less fortunate.
    Looking forward to your next blog on these Tory Cunts and their collective cuntary 😂✊👍

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