Expensive private schools: Machines to maintain wealth concentration

Expensive British private schools are machines that build cogs and wheels to maintain the industry of wealth concentration.

The machines produce a variety of products for the wealth industry, each with a clearly defined role. 

I: Politicians

There needs to be a steady supply of conservative politicians (not just for the Conservative party) who must possess an abject lack of social responsibility and who are relentless in their promotion and enactment of policies that favour the wealthiest. 

Intelligence and knowledge hinder these politicians’ aims.  Skills they need include obfuscation, evasion, misdirection, venality and acute sociopathy.  The most important talent the politicians learn is complete lack of self-awareness.  They must have the ability to fail to be aware of effects of government policies, they must never think that they are to blame for anything, and lying should be interchangeable with stating facts with no preference for the latter.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, Eton College

High fees private schools have constructed sprockets with the above skills for several centuries. 

II: Political journalists and broadcasters

Contracted political journalists, and freelance political journalists who want regular income, are directed by media proprietors but their adherence to that direction would waver if they had not been prepared by the private education machine.

Political journalism and lobby journalism are pantomimes wherein journalists present themselves as if they challenge power but fail to do so.  Deft acting is a requisite skill: Mock interest in political criticism of conservatives; overblown ham-acted criticism of non-conservative politicians for imaginary reasons; excitable and voluminous commentary on distractions; prepared Q&A encounters with conservatives; amateurish exaggerated gesticulations, facial expressions, tone of voice and choice of adjectives.

Nick Robinson, Cheadle Hulme School

Absence of self-awareness is as important for conservative political journalists as it is for conservative politicians.  It is vital journalists stick to the program regardless of facts. 

But, they and their employers, particularly broadcasters, have legal, professional and ethical commitments to balance and impartiality, and they must pretend to comply with those obligations.  Acting skills are used by conservative journalists and reporters to convince viewers, listeners and readers that news, reports, debates and interviews are without bias and omission.  A good actor must immerse in a role, shamelessly.  Elite private schools focus on developing strong acting skills. 

III: Think-tankers

Conservative think-tanks work with governments and they direct government policy.  MPs and peers contribute to think-tanks; some think-tanks, (e.g. Centre For Policy Studies and Centre For Social Justice), were created by MPs.  Other contributors include business people and conservative writers and journalists. 

Alongside the above are professional think-tankers.  They are conservative activists who are too lazy to be an MP, and who are not disciplined enough to continually regurgitate the same simplified disinformation as a conservative journalist needs to. 

Think-tankers devise policy that suits wealth concentration and, more importantly, guide governments on how to con the public into believing such policies have different aims and objectives.  Working with conservative journalists and broadcasters, think-tankers promote both the policies and the false motivation for them.  They appear on TV and radio as spurious “independent” voices; broadcasters enable that deception.

They present their mendacity in greater volume than politicians or journalists and do so via faux academic papers, conferences and lectures.  Their performances are less repetitive and less restrained than that of journalists or politicians but need longer scripts and must have the appearance of didactic narrative.

Douglas Murray
Douglas Murray, Eton College

Think-tankers are fantasy novelists who recite their own work.  To elucidate at length a thoroughly constructed deception, written and spoken, requires honed arrogant confidence and disdain for logic, inspection and proof.   Private school machines know how to teach con artists’ confidence tricks, verbosity and social blindness. 

IV: Barristers

Law is a enormously lucrative source of income for conservative barristers representing wealthy individuals and businesses. 

British courts are used by disreputable people and cartels to impose their political preferences and financial desires on governments, councils, schools, trades’ unions, political parties and other public bodies.  Arrogant very wealthy exploiters indulge routinely in challenges to law and to how law is interpreted, particularly regarding tax demands, property and land ownership, health and safety regulations, and workers’ rights. 

Conservative barristers feed on court costs.  The wealth of their clients coupled with public funding of opponents in a case combine to provide a bottomless source of revenue.  Cases brought to court by enemies of democracy to protect their income and wealth generate seven-figure costs per case. 

Jonathan Sumption, Eton College

To pursue a case against a politician, journalist, public body or political activists, on behalf of “ultra high net worth” individuals or large international businesses, for an enormous fee via court costs, is possible only if there is detachment from morality and ethics.  The necessary perspective is indoctrinated into pupils at the most expensive private schools.

V: Royalty

The British royal family’s members are educated precisely from a very early age so they can assume their specific roles.  For them the key factor in their education is implant of baseless superiority. 

Successive royal generations attend the same schools to ensure correct standpoints are inculcated fully.

Prince Charles, Gordonstoun

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Expensive private schools: Machines to maintain wealth concentration

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