Tory abuse of public funds: Cheshire PCC

Tory John Dwyer was elected as Cheshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) in May this year (2021).  A month later he appointed a deputy PPC.  Deputy PCC is a salaried role paid by Warrington council tax payers.

Dwyer appointed his election campaign manager David McNeilage as deputy. 

John Dwyer (left) and David McNeilage

Conservative libertarian McNeilage has been a professional Tory lackey all his adult life starting as campaign manager for a council ward in Warrington in 2011 when he was a member of (discontinued) Warrington Conservative Future.  His gofering for MPs included working for Vicky Ford in 2018.

All the jobs he had were party jobs.  He was employed by the Tory party to work for the Tory party and he was paid by the Tory party.

His appointment as deputy PCC is different. 

  1. When deputising for PCC he is supposed to represent all residents of Cheshire regardless of their respective political views or affiliations
  2. The salary of deputy PCC is not paid by Tory party; it is paid by residents

Dwyer’s decision to appoint his campaign manager to a publicly-paid and (supposedly) impartial position was a typical example of Tory contempt for the electorate and of Tory abuse of public funding.

In an additional dump on the people of Cheshire Dwyer said of McNeilage that “his knowledge of the process of government is highlighted by his time working in Parliament for a local MP.”  What the hell has the role of PCC or deputy PCC got to do with “knowledge of the process of government?”

Snapshots of who (or what) McNeilage is
In 2013, McNeilage defended a Daily Mail article that attacked Ralph Miliband: “To be honest, it’s really no different from the Guardian claiming that David Cameron hates the disabled.”  As prime minister Cameron destroyed livelihoods and lives of tens of thousands of people with disabilities via Tories’ Social Murder policy.

Later in the same year McNeilage paraded his libertarianism: “Generation Y [people born in 1980s and 1990s] may be the most Libertarian yet.  We should remove all anti-discrimination legislation, all speech restrictions.  Dislike for Section 5 of the Public Order Act is universal among Libertarians.  Personal choice routinely gets shafted when Governments intervene with quasi-fairness legislation.  My personal bug bear is the Minimum Wage Act.”

McNeilage has, so far, been a relative failure as a Tory careerist libertarian but he is one of thousands of Tories around the UK who receive payment for alleged public roles but have no skills or experience to do the job.  

Corruption is routine for Tories.  They cannot exist without it.  They have a psychological objection to avoiding it.


Tory abuse of public funds: Cheshire PCC

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