Tory government: Absolute pile of Etonian piece of scum

As a positive contrast to Starmer’s abject abandonment of his pre-leadership election ten pledges and replacement with woolly Toryish ten principles, deputy leader Angela Rayner delivered an accurate and fair analysis of the Tory government at the Labour party conference. 

At a meeting of Labour members from north west England on Saturday (25th September 2021) she said

I’m sick of shouting from the sidelines.  We cannot get any worse than a bunch of scum, homophobic, racist, mysoginistic, absolute pile of Etonian piece of scum that I have ever seen in my life.”

Although her short precis of the ingrained philosophy and daily practices of Johnson and his mob could have included their corruption (enabling of tax avoidance for wealthy people; handouts to businesses that, allegedly, are managing public services; multi-billion pound Covid contracts given to friends and business partners where products or services were not provided), their social murder (universal credit; deliberate destruction of NHS) and their imposition of political censorship in education and at BBC, it was encouraging to hear an opposition MP speak the truth.

In UK we do not have a government.  Governments, particularly in countries that are described as having a democracy, are supposed to act on behalf of the public, to administer management of services for the public and to set laws that help the public.  The current pseudo government exists solely to feed the wealthiest at the expense of everyone else.

Vital public services are being destroyed and being used as cashcows for made-up businesses; the NHS, the greatest achievement in the history of UK, is being run down purposefully by the Tories as part of its handover to racketeers; the right to a home has vanished and the whole housing sector is a scam for landlordism; workers’ rights, including legal rights, have almost disappeared; access to justice is severely restricted as a consequence of removal of legal aid; higher education is too expensive for anyone not from a wealthy background; protests, demonstrations and pickets have been criminalised; radical politics is being suppressed in education, in broadcasting and via police harassment of political movements Extinction Rebellion and Black Lives Matter.

For the Tory government, the Covid pandemic was and is an opportunity for the most expensive acts of corruption by any democratically-elected British government.  Billions of pounds have been handed to dubious businesses, some of which were created specifically to grab a handout and many of which have close connections to Tory MPs.  The Tories’ management of Covid continues to be a disaster, one of the worst in the world.  The government couldn’t care less.

Brexit, a creation of extremist libertarians (Barbara Kolm, Shanker Singham, Matthew Elliot, Daniel Hannan, etc.) almost two decades ago, was designed to remove public services, to annihilate legal rights, human rights and effective opposition, and to remove democratic accountability.  Disaster capitalists are making a packet out of Brexit; the Tory government are their well-paid enablers.  The ultimate aim is the corporatisation of society via charter cities.

Lies, lies, lies are the modus operandi of Tory MPs.  Every time they speak or write it is with acute, learned dishonesty.  Everything is a con; everything is fraud.

Rayner was right to highlight the Etonian influence in Tory politics.  Eton College, alongside other factories, like St. Paul’s School, has a production line for Tory MPs and other public figures whose intent is perpetuating and increasing concentration of wealth and whose strategy includes constant, relentless deception.  The most expensive private schools in UK, (some annual fees are over £50,000), are not education establishments; they are training bases for fraudsters who are then placed in government and in senior positions in media, armed forces, judiciary and public service management.

Labour’s conference generated little optimism for people who suffer under the Tories.  Labour’s support has fallen and stagnated since Starmer was elected leader.  His Bystander strategy is stupefying.  At the conference he and senior colleagues admitted that the ten pledges he declared as a ruse to become leader were worth nothing.  His ten principles are indistinct from anything David Cameron or Theresa May might have offered.  Socialism is being erased from Labour.  Suspension of party members immediately prior to the start of the conferences – a tactic used to manipulate votes – and ejections during the conference were acts of desperation, fear and, ultimately, admissions of a lack of belief in whatever the party’s philosophy might be.

Labour’s party conference had few highlights to counter Keir Starmer and other’s determination to present the party as just another conservative party.  Rayner’s statement was one welcome highlight and her words will help Labour’s popularity immeasurably more than vacuous drivel from Starmer’s focus groups.

Tory government: Absolute pile of Etonian piece of scum

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