Rishi Sunak at CPC21

A product of Winchester School, where “fees for 2021/2022 are £43,335 per annum” according to the school’s website, and married to a wealthy heiress whose estimated inherited fortune is £230,000,000, Rishi Sunak prepared for his role as Tory Chancellor For The Exchequer by training at an investment bank and two hedge fund management businesses whereat he learnt how to concentrate wealth in the hands of the wealthiest via whatever means could be gotten away with.

Today (Monday 4th October 2021), he delivered his first party conference speech as Chancellor.  Short and unsurprisingly absent of policy or of acceptance of Brexit effect reality, the speech’s main purpose was to display his intent to hammer down further on the least wealthy people in UK while excusing (of blame and of financial cost) the wealthiest.

His words were another rehash of old Tory lies about how “the economy” works and he used that as a ruse to pretend to justify more cuts to vital public services alongside more costs heaped onto the least able to afford extra costs.

As a response to rises in National Insurance contributions and expected rises in council tax – tax rises that hugely disproportionately affect people with the least wealth and do not affect the wealthiest – Sunak said

I want tax cuts but in order to do that our public finances must be put back on a sustainable footing.  There can be no prosperous future unless it is built on the foundation of strong public finances.  I have to be blunt with you, our recovery comes with a cost.  Our national debt is almost 100% of GDP.  So we need to fix our public finances, because strong public finances don’t happen by accident.  I believe in fiscal responsibility.”

In other words, the Tories will continue to allow multi-billion pound tax avoidance, they will continue to hand out billions to business colleagues for governments contracts, they will continue to do nothing to prevent the harmful financial effects of Brexit, they will continue to allow privately-owned public services to be a conduit for channelling public money into made-up businesses’ offshore accounts, and they will continue to pour billions into pointless “defence” spending as a means of supporting the welfare state for the arms industry but, in their invented depiction of how “the economy” works, the Tories will position the vital need for NHS and social care against the living costs and survivability of the people with the least wealth and income.

His speech was the day after a leak of data revealed (again) that the City Of London is the worldwide centre for tax avoidance.  As a response to the revelations Sunak said in a BBC interview prior to his speech

I don’t think [London being called ‘tax avoidance capital’] is a source of shame, because actually our track record on this issue is very strong.”

He lied: The Tory government has greatly enabled tax avoidance as a deliberate policy.

As justification for the devastating decision to slash Universal Credit payments, a decision that will lead directly to hunger, homelessness and death, Sunak said

Is the answer to their hopes and dreams just to increase their benefits?”

That rhetorical question from Sunak was in the context of his “hopes and dreams” being realised via the wealth of his parents and, later, that of his wife.

Brexit will continue to cause huge problems, particularly shortages of vital goods and higher costs but Sunak declared 

Despite the challenges, in the long term the agility, flexibility & freedom provided by Brexit would be more valuable than proximity to a market [the EU].”

He didn’t say how long the “long term” would be and he followed the comment with details of some further tax breaks businesses will receive.  There was nothing he mentioned (as alleged Brexit benefits) that could not have been done if UK was still in the EU.  The word “challenges” above was doing so much heavy lifting.

Sunak is typical.  He is a typical modern Tory.  Born of wealth, married to wealth, educated at an expensive indoctrination machine that inculcates the hegemony of the power of wealth and the eschewing of humanity, trained at hedge funds and investments banks to focus on concentration of wealth and mendacious presentation of aims and objectives, he has all the tools needed to be a lying, thieving conman with the morality of festering turd.  In other words, a Tory being a Tory.


Rishi Sunak at CPC21

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