Boris Johnson at CBI: Dead cat behaviour while NHS destroyed

A oft-used tactic by Boris Johnson’s advisers, as means of distraction from Tories’ destruction, is for him to play the Etonian fool.  Gurning, laughter, apparent confusion, dishevelment, looking a bit inebriated, coarse humour and general tomfoolery are behavioural dead cats he utilises to focus the attention of observers, particularly opponents, onto him rather than on vicious Tory attacks on the entire infrastructure of British society.

Today (22nd November 2021) in a speech to Confederation Of British Industry (CBI) Johnson chose to pretend to lose his way in his prepared speech accompanied by utterances of alleged confusion and random word salads.  His performance, that also included praise for a children’s animated TV show (Peppa Pig) as an example of British industry success, was an act where he played a comic character who had (allegedly) failed to prepare and who couldn’t improvise readily.

We have been subjected to this act many times before.  He plays the part well.  The simple objective is to encourage airtime, newspaper column inches and social media conversations to be filled with comments about his ineptitude, unprofessionalism and general unsuitability to be prime minister.  Such commentary might be accurate but Johnson’s unappealing persona should not be the focus.

On the same day (today) as Johnson’s CBI performance the Health And Care Bill is debated in the House Of Commons.  This Tory bill is designed to destroy the NHS.  It’s objective is to use people’s ill-health or injury as a source of unending income for racketeers in health service and in care.

Deliberate under-funding of NHS including deliberate refusal to maintain staff numbers is causing people to die while waiting for emergency treatment, either waiting for an ambulance to arrive or in an ambulance waiting at a hospital.  Engineered collapse of NHS services is a policy of the Tories to try to present a need for “reform” where “reform” means removal of NHS. 

That is happening today.  So, Johnson does his act, the media lap it up excitedly, and the focus is on the buffoon, not on the evil, murderous bastard.

Stop falling for it.

Boris Johnson at CBI: Dead cat behaviour while NHS destroyed

3 thoughts on “Boris Johnson at CBI: Dead cat behaviour while NHS destroyed

  1. Jonathan Maher says:

    However, today’s performance is a new low even for this fool, is it a dead cat? Hard to say really, the real issue is our media’s reluctance to challenge and investigate the claims of this government and that of the Tory B Team led by Red Tory Starmer.

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