Fuel bills and the Rishi Sunak scam

Everything the Tories do is a scam.  Every action the Tories take fleeces the public and adds wealth to the exploiters.

To finance massive profits for racketeers who “own” fuel supply, household bills for gas and electric will rise exponentially this year.  Tories couldn’t care less about the consequences of such rises; all they care about is ensuring a constant and growing flushing of money into offshore accounts of parasites.

Current Chancellor Of The Exchequer Rishi Sunak, both a son of and a husband of extremely wealthy recipients of enabling government policy, observed the extortion by fuel suppliers and, rather than developing a plan to help people, he concocted a scam to fleece people, doubly.

The Sunak Scam
It is a simple scam with concomitant simple fraudulent misrepresentation.

Step 1: Hand £200 of tax-payers’ money to fuel suppliers for each household in UK

Step 2: Take a further £200 of money from each household and hand it to fuel suppliers over the next five years, over and above whatever costs are charged for supply of fuel to each household

Misrepresentation: Describe the first £200 given to fuel suppliers as a “grant” to bill payers

Effects of the Sunak Scam
1) Bill payers will be subjected to huge rises in the costs of gas and electric
2) Fuel suppliers’ profits will be enhanced multiple times

Worse than organised crime
The Tories are not a government.  They are employees of focussed criminality that is considerably worse than any successful organised crime syndicate. 

Everything done by the Tories has one objective: Wealth concentration

We should be beyond complaining.

Fuel bills and the Rishi Sunak scam

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